Thursday, January 28, 2010

hurt feelings

Brooklynn has always been one who follows you around, talks to you constintly and so on. Normally when she gets to be too much you can get her to leave you alone by redirecting her with coloring or something. However, this past week that has not been working. She just doesn't quite. She will get on a kick about something such as wanting you to dance with her. I will dance. Then when i want to stop because i need to do something but she just keeps going. I can ask her to please let mommy be and she still keeps it up. Unfourtantly,  snapping at her to stop lately has been what we have had to do. She then runs to a corner and hides her face and silently cries. I feel horrible and so does Alex. The look she gets is like you have just broken her heart. But most of the time, we have really tried getting her to do something else at that moment, but she gets so obsessed on wanting you to do what she wants that she just refuses to listen.

I know this is normal of kids. And she will eventually go back to doing something else. She will learn from these hurt feelings then when enough is enough, then it is enough. But in the process i hate having to see her run away and cry silently because mommy or daddy have hurt her feelings. I don't know if this is different for girls then boys. I do remember Ethan going through this little stage. I think he just finally quite and did something else. I honestly can't remember what he did. Then again, Brooke has always been more of one who is attatched to your leg then Ethan. He has always been fairly independent.

This is one stage with Brooke i hope she outgrows fast. I know she is sensetive, she has always been. I just hate knowing i am hurting her feelings.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

it seems like this is the year that Ethan can't get a break when it comes to getting sick. Not last week but the week before it was a stomach virus. This week, he has a fever right around 100, a little snot and a cough. So, while he isn't majorly sick today, do i send him to school with their strict policies on the amoun of days a kid can be sick before they send in the troops to evalute our home? I didn't, i kept him home. However, i am now on note 4 that i am aloud to send in, after this it has to be all doctor excuses. Does the school understand though that with our insurance changes i have to pay everything for the visit out of my pocket just to be told it is a viral infection? So, sorry to the school, but your just going to keep getting hand written notes from me.  I am a good judge to my kids when they are sick. Its easy to follow your mother intuition. I know he is fine and will be fine. He just has a slight cold, nothing to rush to the doctor for. Just some time on the couch with movies and video games. fluids and tons of love from mommy and he will be good as new. And tomorrow, if he isn't good as new, then i will think about the doctor.

Friday, January 22, 2010

News article that will make you sick!

This is horrible and disgusting! The news story i am attaching is about a boy who brought home a bad report card. What would you do? I would probably take away video games or whatever they are really into until they showed me their grades were imporving.

So, this mother decided that her 12 year old son needed to kill his hamster. Not only kill it, but kill it with a hammer!!!!! how disgusting. What was going through her head when she decided this? Luckily the child has been taken away. And luckily he told someone what she made him do. click here to see the story.

I heard it this morning in the car after dropping Ethan off. I about spit my coffee out. Brooke heard it too and said "that's mean." Your darn right Brooke!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Time for Bragging!

Its time to brag about my kids! Yes...i don't always complain!

First up is Ethan! I am so amazed by him sometimes. Last night we sat down for reading time. He wanted to read his library book on zebras. He had not read this book yet.  So, we sit down. The book is roughly 20 pages long and about 2 - 3 sentences per page. He read me the whole book with almost no help from me. He was sounding out all the words. Even the word "mountains". He did very good not getting frustrated when he got a word wrong. It was just amazing. The amount of stuff he has learned this year is amazing. He is amazing! I took the time today to write his teacher a thank you note on all the work she has done. He is writing sentences all the time here at home on Brooke's art easle. They grow up too fast!

Brooklynn went to the dentist on Tuesday this week. She was wonderful there!!! Which was great for me. Ethan unfourtantly hates the dentist, has to go to the "quiet room" there. We were fourtunate that when he went 2 weeks ago, he actually had all his teeth cleaned and that was he first time in all his times going. This was Brooke's first teeth cleaning. She let the docotors due xrays of her teeth and the got them all cleaned and was happy. She even did the flouride treatment they start when they are older with the foam cups you hold in your mouth! I was very proud of her. The next appointment in the summer, the dentist wants Ethan to watch Brooke and maybe it will help him. She also suggested not talking to him at all about going to the dentist because it gives him time to get scared and that if we just get there then maybe he will handle it better. She also assured me that eventually a light would go on and Ethan would be fine and not cry anymore. I hope its soon. It hard to hear your child scream and hate what they are doing. But, this was a brag about Brooke, so good job Brooke. We are proud of how brave you are!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Ethan's class

Ethan's class was honored tonight at the Board of Education for completly all there school work early. They performed for them. Tonight was a night to really be proud of Ethan, his class, teacher and school!

Monday, January 18, 2010

school projects

Ethan has had several projects this year, in kindergarten! ugh. Now, these projects are mostly projects mommy has to do. This current one is due tomorrow. And i have not done it. Bad mommy! However, i have taken the time to get all the pictures together. I plan on getting it done tomorrow and ready for Ethan to bring in Wednesday.

This project is a folder that will have 26 pages, each with a letter on it. On each page i have to come up with that letter something Ethan might want to write about. Such as B. I could put a picture of Brooke, because he might want to write something about her. Banana...wouldn't be likely. So, it is a real thinker when i get a letter what i can associate with Ethan. The notebook is there now because Ethan will do a lot more independant writing. Where if he is asked to write a sentance about his weekend he could write it. He would already know "I went to" and then he would flip to G and find a picture of his Grammy so he could then write "I went to Grammy's"

Its a great idea.

However, i am a bad influence since i am turning this project in late. Ooops! At least i am close to having all the pictures found and done :o)

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Puke and poop

Yesterday was a hectic day in itself in the evening with the kids. They were REALLY wound up! Bedtime came right at 7:00. Tucked in and they both feel fast asleep. It seemed like the perfect evening :o)

11:00 PM....i am almost asleep. I hear Ethan come in and tell me he needs to poop. I wave my hands at him and tell him to just go.
11:05 PM: Brooke is coughing. Then suddenly screaming.
I hope out of bed and there is this strange smell. What is it? I pick Brooke up thinking she pooped on herself then realize thats ethan in the bathroom. What is the other awful smell? What is that wet feeling on Brooke's shirt?!
Yup, that's how the night went. We had an eventful night of poop and puke! Finally about 2:00 we finally all got into bed and were able to go to sleep. Brooke seemed to finally be done puking (THANKFULLY!). Bedrooms were cleaned up.

4:00 am---thankfully not Brooke....Ethan having to poop again.

So, today we vegged out. Napped a lot since we didn't get much sleep. Watched endless TV and did some quite activities.

Currently Brooke is fine. She hasn't puked since last night. Ethan though has been to the potty all day. Poor guy,

I hope tonight is a non eventful night and we all get to sleep.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

brooke cuddled with ethan while he twirls her hair. not real close so they wouldnt catch me taking a picture

Monday, January 11, 2010

Kindergarten lesson from Ethan

Segragation and MLK
Ethan: Who is that man who made the black kids go to one school and the white kids another?
Me: Martin Luther King...but he had it so the black and white kids went to school together.
Ethan: NO! The black kids had there own water fountain. He made the black kids go to there own school.
Me: MLK stood in front of a lot of people honey, and told them a speech. After his speech kids of all colors started to go to school together.
Ethan: my (teacher) said that is not what happend! She said that he made the black kids go to their own school and the white kids go to their own school.
Me---I decide to let it go and figure he will get it figured before long :o)

House and dieing
Ethan: What happens to peoples houses when they die?
Me: The family who is left takes care of it. One day Mommy and Daddy will die and you and Brooklynn will decide if you want to keep our house or sell it for money.
Ethan: aren't going to die mommy, and that's the truth! (oh how i wish it was). One day though mommy, me and brooke are going to get really big and get our own house in a hotel and even our own cars!
Me: You will.


GA dusting

School got out early last thursday in hopes of the snow that was coming through. So, after Ethan got home we waited and waited and waited. Then finally about 4pm the snow started. Not much, not sticking. it snowed on and off through the night. We got a light dusting. What was so bad was that until today we have not gotten above freezing! Not GA weather at all.

Friday morning the kids got me out of bed to get out the door to play. I was thankful to have my kids the ages they were. I bundled them up and said "Have fun, stay in the back yard." I sipped my coffee from the warm house.

I did go outside for a minute to get there picture.

So pictures now. This dusting is nothing to write north about, lol. But, the kids enjoyed it anyway.

the porch

SNOW!!! Well...kinda!

Look at the swingset mommy!!! And Brooke did go down the slide many times. Crazy girl

Valerie VERY jealous she didn't get to play.

So, hopefully the next snow will be better. Until then, i am looking forward to this weather in the 40's and 50's this week!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Kids picking meals

My kids have been eating rather strangely this past week. And some meals have been rather backwards.  One reason why they have been eating so strangely is i decided to see if i just asked and let them choose, what would they choose. Not each day was crazy, but here are just a few of them.

One morning Brooklynn chose a bowl of green beans for breaskfast! Ethan chose grapes and just a few green beans that morning.  For lunch that same day, they chose waffles.

One night for dinner it was mayo and cheese sandwhiches with baby gerkins (pickles sweet) and cookies!

Last night was a VERY strange combo for them, Alex and i opted out on a few items. Ethan wanted baked potatoes. Brooke wanted breakfast sausage and brocoli with cheese! Ethan chose to have ham with Alex and I instead of breakfast sausage.

So, that was fun! I think they enjoyed getting a little more say so in their food. From this, i may pick one night a week and let it be the kids choose night.  And whatever they choose, i will make.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Wolfe's Vs. Hamsters

Last night a friend came over to have dinner with me and the kids. She brought over her pet hamsters for my kids to see and play with. The kids loved them...of coarse. This was Valerie's (tabby maine coon) first encounter with something live she wanted to eat. And of coarse, Lacey (white and gray) really could care less. The other cats all ran and hid since there were two extra kids in the house

Brooklynn loves the Hamster and it appeared to love her back

Ethan also loved the hamster

Valerie and Lacey watch as the hamster wiggles in its cage

Can you see the hamster hanging on the side if the cage? He knows this kitty wants to eat him.

Lacey finally comes and take a sniff.

The Hamsters left i guess the hamsters won over the Wolfe's.

Next soon as these kitties and kids can find them again!

Monday, January 4, 2010


I have the same thing on my mind like most people this time of the year. Weight loss! Then again, since having Ethan, weight loss has always been on my mind. I am not overweight. I am in a healthy weight range. However, in the last few months i have put on some weight. I am still healthy. I eat healthy most of the time. Why am i so concerned all the time about my weight?

Before getting pregnant with Ethan was i between 115 and 118. I ate whatever i wanted whenever i wanted. I was so excited to gain weight while pregnant with Ethan. I loved going to the doctor and see the weight go up! Heck one appointment in 2 weeks i gained 7 pounds. Weight total with Ethan was 43 pounds! I lost the weight fairly easy after Ethan. I weighed 123 when getting pregant with Brooke. To be honest...i thought i was big then. After Brooke, i lost all my weight while breastfeeding. When i quite breastfeeding, i put on weight. And in the past year i have put on some more weight. So...honestly is key for this blog. I weight 135. Yes, looking at the number i think, that isn't much. I would tell someone else, that isn't much. But for some reason i hate that number! For some reason i feel like the number somehow needs to be in the 120's.

My mom has gotten onto my several times, asking me why i am so obsessed 5 years later still about my weight. I honestly don't know. I am always talking about needing to lose weight and so on. I think my problem is i concentrate on my theighs. I hate them. That's where all my weight is. My theighs and butt. And for whatever reason, when i look in the mirror, i always concentrate on how a pair of pants looks on me in that area.

I didn't grow up with a mom who was always on a diet. I don't think she ever was. I hate that Brooklynn is growing up with a mother who is so concerned with her weight. I try not to talk about it around her, but i do. I hate being so darn concerned about it all the time. I can't go a day without thinking about it. So, now i confess, i have a problem!

So...i am going to do my absolute best to just be healthy. I will continue to work out but have decided to only weight myself twice a month. The wii fit wants you to weight yourself daily...and i think that is really screwing with my head. One day i am down two pounds and the next i am up three! For someone like me who seems to have gotten so obsessed with it over the years....its not good for me to get on everyday.

Happy New Year to all! To a year of getting healthy and not concentrating on the number on the scale. to looking at the image i see in the mirror as a beautiful woman with a loving and supportive husband and two wonderful children who warm me heart daily.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Brooklynn loves making silly faces at the camera

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Friday, January 1, 2010


I have decided that 2010 is the year to get it done! Enough said! If it needs to be done, then its getting done.

I am going to finish getting organized.
I am going to lose this last 10 pounds.
I am going to weed through friend and just say bye to the ones who i have tried with and they don't give back.
I am going to get my first book edited, and get it out there looking for an agent
I am going to finish my second book
If it needs to be done, then its going to be done.

So here is to 2010 and getting it done!