Monday, January 18, 2010

school projects

Ethan has had several projects this year, in kindergarten! ugh. Now, these projects are mostly projects mommy has to do. This current one is due tomorrow. And i have not done it. Bad mommy! However, i have taken the time to get all the pictures together. I plan on getting it done tomorrow and ready for Ethan to bring in Wednesday.

This project is a folder that will have 26 pages, each with a letter on it. On each page i have to come up with that letter something Ethan might want to write about. Such as B. I could put a picture of Brooke, because he might want to write something about her. Banana...wouldn't be likely. So, it is a real thinker when i get a letter what i can associate with Ethan. The notebook is there now because Ethan will do a lot more independant writing. Where if he is asked to write a sentance about his weekend he could write it. He would already know "I went to" and then he would flip to G and find a picture of his Grammy so he could then write "I went to Grammy's"

Its a great idea.

However, i am a bad influence since i am turning this project in late. Ooops! At least i am close to having all the pictures found and done :o)