Thursday, January 28, 2010

hurt feelings

Brooklynn has always been one who follows you around, talks to you constintly and so on. Normally when she gets to be too much you can get her to leave you alone by redirecting her with coloring or something. However, this past week that has not been working. She just doesn't quite. She will get on a kick about something such as wanting you to dance with her. I will dance. Then when i want to stop because i need to do something but she just keeps going. I can ask her to please let mommy be and she still keeps it up. Unfourtantly,  snapping at her to stop lately has been what we have had to do. She then runs to a corner and hides her face and silently cries. I feel horrible and so does Alex. The look she gets is like you have just broken her heart. But most of the time, we have really tried getting her to do something else at that moment, but she gets so obsessed on wanting you to do what she wants that she just refuses to listen.

I know this is normal of kids. And she will eventually go back to doing something else. She will learn from these hurt feelings then when enough is enough, then it is enough. But in the process i hate having to see her run away and cry silently because mommy or daddy have hurt her feelings. I don't know if this is different for girls then boys. I do remember Ethan going through this little stage. I think he just finally quite and did something else. I honestly can't remember what he did. Then again, Brooke has always been more of one who is attatched to your leg then Ethan. He has always been fairly independent.

This is one stage with Brooke i hope she outgrows fast. I know she is sensetive, she has always been. I just hate knowing i am hurting her feelings.