Thursday, January 14, 2010

Puke and poop

Yesterday was a hectic day in itself in the evening with the kids. They were REALLY wound up! Bedtime came right at 7:00. Tucked in and they both feel fast asleep. It seemed like the perfect evening :o)

11:00 PM....i am almost asleep. I hear Ethan come in and tell me he needs to poop. I wave my hands at him and tell him to just go.
11:05 PM: Brooke is coughing. Then suddenly screaming.
I hope out of bed and there is this strange smell. What is it? I pick Brooke up thinking she pooped on herself then realize thats ethan in the bathroom. What is the other awful smell? What is that wet feeling on Brooke's shirt?!
Yup, that's how the night went. We had an eventful night of poop and puke! Finally about 2:00 we finally all got into bed and were able to go to sleep. Brooke seemed to finally be done puking (THANKFULLY!). Bedrooms were cleaned up.

4:00 am---thankfully not Brooke....Ethan having to poop again.

So, today we vegged out. Napped a lot since we didn't get much sleep. Watched endless TV and did some quite activities.

Currently Brooke is fine. She hasn't puked since last night. Ethan though has been to the potty all day. Poor guy,

I hope tonight is a non eventful night and we all get to sleep.