Monday, January 11, 2010

GA dusting

School got out early last thursday in hopes of the snow that was coming through. So, after Ethan got home we waited and waited and waited. Then finally about 4pm the snow started. Not much, not sticking. it snowed on and off through the night. We got a light dusting. What was so bad was that until today we have not gotten above freezing! Not GA weather at all.

Friday morning the kids got me out of bed to get out the door to play. I was thankful to have my kids the ages they were. I bundled them up and said "Have fun, stay in the back yard." I sipped my coffee from the warm house.

I did go outside for a minute to get there picture.

So pictures now. This dusting is nothing to write north about, lol. But, the kids enjoyed it anyway.

the porch

SNOW!!! Well...kinda!

Look at the swingset mommy!!! And Brooke did go down the slide many times. Crazy girl

Valerie VERY jealous she didn't get to play.

So, hopefully the next snow will be better. Until then, i am looking forward to this weather in the 40's and 50's this week!