Thursday, January 7, 2010

Kids picking meals

My kids have been eating rather strangely this past week. And some meals have been rather backwards.  One reason why they have been eating so strangely is i decided to see if i just asked and let them choose, what would they choose. Not each day was crazy, but here are just a few of them.

One morning Brooklynn chose a bowl of green beans for breaskfast! Ethan chose grapes and just a few green beans that morning.  For lunch that same day, they chose waffles.

One night for dinner it was mayo and cheese sandwhiches with baby gerkins (pickles sweet) and cookies!

Last night was a VERY strange combo for them, Alex and i opted out on a few items. Ethan wanted baked potatoes. Brooke wanted breakfast sausage and brocoli with cheese! Ethan chose to have ham with Alex and I instead of breakfast sausage.

So, that was fun! I think they enjoyed getting a little more say so in their food. From this, i may pick one night a week and let it be the kids choose night.  And whatever they choose, i will make.