Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Wolfe's Vs. Hamsters

Last night a friend came over to have dinner with me and the kids. She brought over her pet hamsters for my kids to see and play with. The kids loved them...of coarse. This was Valerie's (tabby maine coon) first encounter with something live she wanted to eat. And of coarse, Lacey (white and gray) really could care less. The other cats all ran and hid since there were two extra kids in the house

Brooklynn loves the Hamster and it appeared to love her back

Ethan also loved the hamster

Valerie and Lacey watch as the hamster wiggles in its cage

Can you see the hamster hanging on the side if the cage? He knows this kitty wants to eat him.

Lacey finally comes and take a sniff.

The Hamsters left alive....so i guess the hamsters won over the Wolfe's.

Next match.......as soon as these kitties and kids can find them again!


Crystal said...

Oh my gosh, I tell you it was so hard to stay quiet in the library and not laugh out loud while I was reading this. I had a great time last night. Now I just need som sleep, but I am not sure I will get any. I have another guy wanting to get together. lol...atleast I keep you entertained!