Thursday, August 26, 2010

This has to make the blog!

I decided to pick E-man up early today. A little surprise to him. So, after he came to the office, his teacher came with him. She said he had something to tell me. He said "I've been good." Me knowing him is looking at him funny, so I asked "well, what did you just do?"  He didn't want to tell me. So, the teacher said, on the way out of class to come to the office to me, he kissed a girl! My little guy, who is only in 1st grade, kissed a girl. I did the right thing and explained that he shouldn't be doing that at school and that it is inappropriate behavior. All that mumbo jumbo, however, I am in hysterics about it! He keeps telling me he doesn't like any of the girls, but 1. I did get a name out of him, but I won't tell it here. Crazy kid. Hopefully there however is no more kissing at school and no more kisses for quite awhile!

On another note, he read a chapter of Junie B Jones to his class today. He is such a good reader and being the genius I think he is, he's way above all others. But, like I said, I am his number one fan and since he's my kid, he's a genius. :o)

Monday, August 16, 2010

hand sanitizer vs hand washing in schools

Today was Brooklynn's first day. And let me just say first, she had a great day and is all smiles. The morning was quite and very strange without her here.

So, onto my rant. I asked her if she used the potty at school and she said yes, the teacher took the class 3 times. I asked if she washed her hands. Her reply was no! I said, why, and she said the teacher squirted something in her hands instead. This would probably I am assuming be hand sanitizer. This doesn't fly for me. Not in anyway!  Does hand sanitizer instantly remove the pee, no!

Yes, I am fine if hand sanitizer is used before eating if they have been playing. But in my opinion it is not a substitute for washing hands, especially after playing outside or using the bathroom. Too many people feel like it is a substitute and it isn't. It might kill germ but it doesn't get rid of whatever it is on your hands.

Needless to say, I was upset when she told me this. I of coarse kept my anger to myself and not tell Brooke. I  just explained that tomorrow, to tell her teacher "No thanks, I would like to wash my hands." We will see how that goes. If not, I will tell the teacher that i prefer after using the bathroom that my child wash her hands. And since i am paying her tuition, hopefully what i prefer is the method they choose for my child. We will see.

I want her to have a great year there and make lots of friends and get the socialization she needs. So, hopefully things will look up!

First day of preschool

First day of preschool

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Friday, August 13, 2010

Dumpling's Open House/ My son tried to bribe me!

Last night was open house for Dumpling. Seriously, she seems just too big for a 3 year old class! The type on conversations we have with her, well they aren't normal 3 year old conversations. This girl really is 3 going on 13.

So, we go in and at first we end up with the 2 year olds. I didn't realize we had to wait until the 3's came in. At first I was staring at these kids thinking....."MY KID IS A FREAKING GIANT AND THESE KIDS ARE ALL SO LITTLE LOOKING!"  Then i was glad to learn they were 2. So, then Dumpling's class came  in. She is a bit taller then them, but she looks about right. I have heard great things about her teacher she got, though first impression to me, she was a bit scatter brained...however it was hectic with two different classes in one very tiny room.  I am sure it will be a wonderful.

So, onto E-Man trying to bribe me. He gets in the car yesterday and had a bad day at school! 4 and we get a note. ***shakes head back and forth***.  Anyway, here is the conversation:

E: "Mommy, please don't tell daddy."
M: "Tell Daddy what?"
E: "I will give you whatever you want, if you just don't tell Daddy"
Let me say first, I swear the hubby is not some mean man who is going to lock him in a dungeon for acting up. Really....I promise!
M: "What are you going to give me?" Yes, I was amused by this.
E: " Any toy in my room you want. Even my new star war toys. Whatever you want, you can have it."
M: "Yeah, well I don't want those. You got anything else?"
E: "Anything Mommy, anything in there you can have, just don't tell daddy!"
M: "We'll see"

LMAO! Seriously....he tried to buy me. Too bad i didn't agree and thank goodness he doesn't have a computer with internet access to this very blog or he might  be mad!

Happy Friday!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

School has begun

Yesterday was Ethan's first day back to school! So far, so good. He was very happy to go and happy upon picking him up.

He wore his new star wars shirt to school, and it got him a new best friend! However, Ethan couldn't remember his name. I told him not to forget to ask today. And there was homework on the first day! Yikes.....they aren't playing in 1st grade.

This week however is only spelling homework. He has 5 spelling words a week. Starting next week he will also have math homework daily, and a reading textbook to bring home nightly to read two stories out of. Thank goodness i am not babysitting this year!

It does feel awfully weird not having Ethan here, even though we have done school before. You get so used to them being here! Next Monday is going to be really strange when Brooklynn starts her morning preschool.

Happy Tuesday!!!