Monday, August 16, 2010

hand sanitizer vs hand washing in schools

Today was Brooklynn's first day. And let me just say first, she had a great day and is all smiles. The morning was quite and very strange without her here.

So, onto my rant. I asked her if she used the potty at school and she said yes, the teacher took the class 3 times. I asked if she washed her hands. Her reply was no! I said, why, and she said the teacher squirted something in her hands instead. This would probably I am assuming be hand sanitizer. This doesn't fly for me. Not in anyway!  Does hand sanitizer instantly remove the pee, no!

Yes, I am fine if hand sanitizer is used before eating if they have been playing. But in my opinion it is not a substitute for washing hands, especially after playing outside or using the bathroom. Too many people feel like it is a substitute and it isn't. It might kill germ but it doesn't get rid of whatever it is on your hands.

Needless to say, I was upset when she told me this. I of coarse kept my anger to myself and not tell Brooke. I  just explained that tomorrow, to tell her teacher "No thanks, I would like to wash my hands." We will see how that goes. If not, I will tell the teacher that i prefer after using the bathroom that my child wash her hands. And since i am paying her tuition, hopefully what i prefer is the method they choose for my child. We will see.

I want her to have a great year there and make lots of friends and get the socialization she needs. So, hopefully things will look up!


Adrienne said...

I totaly agree ...I think that just leaves sticky nasty stuff on their hands...ewwwe you have a right to say something and I would talk to the director of the pre school

Stacey said...

Glad she had a good day!

I think you definitely should talk to the teacher about the hand washing thing...sanitizer isn't a substitute for soap and water, they should always be washing their hands after using the bathroom.

Mardel said...

I wonder how many kids are in the group. It seems like it would be a good thing to emphasize washing you hands after using the bathroom, and you can have two kids at the same time wash their hands at a sink. If there is two sinks in the bathroom, then that's four kids getting their hands washed at the same time. That shouldn't be a problem.

Not enough kids or grownups even wash their hands after using the toilet, so this is something that needs to be taught and re-taught, and emphazised for all.