Tuesday, August 10, 2010

School has begun

Yesterday was Ethan's first day back to school! So far, so good. He was very happy to go and happy upon picking him up.

He wore his new star wars shirt to school, and it got him a new best friend! However, Ethan couldn't remember his name. I told him not to forget to ask today. And there was homework on the first day! Yikes.....they aren't playing in 1st grade.

This week however is only spelling homework. He has 5 spelling words a week. Starting next week he will also have math homework daily, and a reading textbook to bring home nightly to read two stories out of. Thank goodness i am not babysitting this year!

It does feel awfully weird not having Ethan here, even though we have done school before. You get so used to them being here! Next Monday is going to be really strange when Brooklynn starts her morning preschool.

Happy Tuesday!!!


Stacey said...

My kids started school yesterday...I spent the whole day wondering why they were being so quiet. lol

Adrienne said...

Mine starts back to school on the 23rd we will be doing 2nd grade...good luck to Ethan this year

Jaime said...

I can't believe how early they start school. How exciting to be in first grade and it's unbelievable how young they give homework now.