Thursday, August 26, 2010

This has to make the blog!

I decided to pick E-man up early today. A little surprise to him. So, after he came to the office, his teacher came with him. She said he had something to tell me. He said "I've been good." Me knowing him is looking at him funny, so I asked "well, what did you just do?"  He didn't want to tell me. So, the teacher said, on the way out of class to come to the office to me, he kissed a girl! My little guy, who is only in 1st grade, kissed a girl. I did the right thing and explained that he shouldn't be doing that at school and that it is inappropriate behavior. All that mumbo jumbo, however, I am in hysterics about it! He keeps telling me he doesn't like any of the girls, but 1. I did get a name out of him, but I won't tell it here. Crazy kid. Hopefully there however is no more kissing at school and no more kisses for quite awhile!

On another note, he read a chapter of Junie B Jones to his class today. He is such a good reader and being the genius I think he is, he's way above all others. But, like I said, I am his number one fan and since he's my kid, he's a genius. :o)


Adrienne said...

Funny stuff =)
glad he is an awesome reader it is such and important thing for kiddos