Friday, August 13, 2010

Dumpling's Open House/ My son tried to bribe me!

Last night was open house for Dumpling. Seriously, she seems just too big for a 3 year old class! The type on conversations we have with her, well they aren't normal 3 year old conversations. This girl really is 3 going on 13.

So, we go in and at first we end up with the 2 year olds. I didn't realize we had to wait until the 3's came in. At first I was staring at these kids thinking....."MY KID IS A FREAKING GIANT AND THESE KIDS ARE ALL SO LITTLE LOOKING!"  Then i was glad to learn they were 2. So, then Dumpling's class came  in. She is a bit taller then them, but she looks about right. I have heard great things about her teacher she got, though first impression to me, she was a bit scatter brained...however it was hectic with two different classes in one very tiny room.  I am sure it will be a wonderful.

So, onto E-Man trying to bribe me. He gets in the car yesterday and had a bad day at school! 4 and we get a note. ***shakes head back and forth***.  Anyway, here is the conversation:

E: "Mommy, please don't tell daddy."
M: "Tell Daddy what?"
E: "I will give you whatever you want, if you just don't tell Daddy"
Let me say first, I swear the hubby is not some mean man who is going to lock him in a dungeon for acting up. Really....I promise!
M: "What are you going to give me?" Yes, I was amused by this.
E: " Any toy in my room you want. Even my new star war toys. Whatever you want, you can have it."
M: "Yeah, well I don't want those. You got anything else?"
E: "Anything Mommy, anything in there you can have, just don't tell daddy!"
M: "We'll see"

LMAO! Seriously....he tried to buy me. Too bad i didn't agree and thank goodness he doesn't have a computer with internet access to this very blog or he might  be mad!

Happy Friday!


Adrienne said...

too fun I love kids they are great