Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Baby Update!

Its been awhile since i have updated about the two new babies coming into the family.

Its official...Thomas and Jess are having a boy! We have known a few weeks but waiting until todays appointment to announce when they knew for sure. I think Jess is about 19 weeks now. They are due in February. Baby boy is currently 10 oz.

Karen is due on the 14th of October. Its almost here. She has started having some contractions so her body is probably getting ready. The kids and I are leaving next friday to go visit her in Virginia Beach. We are hoping that Kainan will be there so we can meet him. Last weight i had for him was at 34 weeks he was 5 pounds and 10 ounces i think. Karen is in her 38th week now.

Monday, September 28, 2009


First let me say, I am LOVING this weather! Warm sun with a cool breeze...aaaaah! I was so happy Alex got the gazebo type thing all put together and up on the porch.

Memory....that seems to be the game of choice in the house right now. Ethan brings home a HUGE bag of homework every friday. There are books to read in it about the topic of the bag, games and so on. Two weeks ago there was a memory game in it. The kids really enjoyed it. So I bought our own memory game. They love it and are really good at it. Brooke cracks you up she will turn over a card, give you a little smirk and then point her index finger at you and say "Where's the last butteryfly, I think it maybe right here." It cracks me up each time. Both kids have great memories. Its pretty sad, but Ethan can find more then me. I think my mind starts to play tricks on me, lol.

Its fun and it great finding something to do to pass the time with a smile on everyones face.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Time to Finish!

A year ago i started to write a book. Most people who know me, know it has been my dream to be an author. A majority of people who read what i write, like it. Well, 200 pages into my book last year, i got stuck to where i wanted it to go from there. Then i started babysitting and Brooke got into a stage that made it impossible to write. I had planned on working on it this past summer, but then my laptop died. Now it is alive again. I want to get this book finished. It eats at me constantly that its just sitting there. I feel like my character needs to finish her story and get her happy ending. I know how i want it to end....just where i am right now i dont know how to get there. Of coarse, i have had a year to think about it, and i am beginning to know. So, my goal is not to pick up any books to read right now. I am going to re read what i have already written and have this book done. My goal is to have the 1st draft done by December 1st which i think is a very reasonable goal. After that, i plan on editing it and letting a select few people read it and let me know what they think. If i get good feedback...i will start looking into publishers. Who knows...i could be the next bestselling author...or i could be just some book on a book shelf that might have a nice cover so people buy it.

So, this blog may suffer some. I like to get on here a few times a week and write. Even if they are silly little entries.

Today starts my journey back to my goal in life. The dream i have had since my seventh grade english class when Ms. Crenshaw said she saw something in me. When i realized i could not write a short story...instead every week i turned in a new chapter to the story i was writing at that time.

Wish me luck!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

GA rain

So, it has been raining non stop here. We have been fine where we live, at least for now. We live in a pretty good area. My parents are out in more of the atlanta area, so i am sure they have seen things worse then i have. Even Alex who has to drive that way to work. Schools have been closed, houses underwater. My heart goes out to all those.

But...i also want to poke some fun at some people.
So....you see the interstate is flooded....what do you do? Apparently these people think that there car will automatically turn into a boat. That they can get through.

Seriously....why weren't these roads closed sooner? Avoid the stupidity of some people who are going to attempt it, and avoid the backed up traffic. Now...there is a ton of cars stuck on this road.

Ok, thats my blog for today. For my GA readers, stay safe, remember your car is a car, not a boat. research your route before going out. And lets pray for some relief to come soon with all this rain.

Monday, September 21, 2009

The Shack

The Shack was a wonderful book. I am so glad i decided to read it. This is a book in my opinon you have to want to read. I dont feel like it was something you can pass to someone and just tell them its a good book to read. I had been wanting to read this for months, but never picked it up to buy it. Then last week, i did. I felt ready to. The reason why this book to me is one you have to want to read is because this book has God all in it. Its easy to pass someone a romance novel you loved and know they will too. This book takes you through so many emotions. A father struggling with the loss of his daughter after she was kidnapped by a serial killer and his daughter is killed. The author really paints a a picture of the emotion. In this book, the main character meets God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit. He has it out with them as to why they took his daughter and let this happen. This book answered so many of my own questions. With answers giving in this book, i myself feel like i understand God and this world now so much better. I understand why things happen. I often wondered how if everyone has a time, how can someones time be something so horrible as being murdered. This book answered that for me and many other questions i had. If you are wanting to feel closer to God, as i have been wanting to do. This book is a great first step into understanding Him. I am so thankful i read it and that i was ready to read it.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Use your imagination

We are headed down to Grammy's for the weekend. Ethan says he doesn't want mommy to come. So, i ask how he will get there.

Almost 2 years ago now, his Aunt KK bought him a powerwheels gray Ford truck. He says i need to charge his battery so after school he and Brooke can get in and meet their grammy at the Chicken place. (the chicken place is a place we meet halfway in ogelthorpe when giving her the kids and i run the other way for a quite weekend).

So, i find it so funny. I can just see in my head Ethan going down the road driving and Brooke sitting next to him. Her fiddeling with the radio (yes they put real FM radios in those things) and Ethan smiling as he drives to his Grammy's. I imagine if they left at 3:00 they could be at the chicken place by 7 since it moves at 5 mph.

Grammy......look for the little gray truck!

This photo is about a year old i think.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Parent-Teacher Conferance

Ethan's conferance went pretty well. He is right now on track, and at this point with his pace of learning, she doesn't see any reason why he wont be ready for first grade. I know he is brillant. We are already reading! At home we sit with books that are very short right now. As we read i point to the words i know he knows and he reads them. He even repeats the ones i speak. So, he is learning. He's growing up WAY to fast!!!

A few things we need to work on are the numbers 13, 14, 15. He blends them together kinda. Also his name. He thinks his name is Ethan Wolfe. Not Ethan and then last name Wolfe. I explained to her though that in Pre-k, there were 2 Ethan's. So he was called everyday Ethan Wolfe. So, she understands now and its something to work on.

His behavior has been improving. We agreed that the sudden structure in kindergarten had a lot to do with it. the kindergarten in Banks county is different from a lot. There is no free time. They work all day. They want to make sure the kids are ready for 1st grade. So many kids have a hard time that year...so they are trying to get them used to the structure now.

So, like i thought, my kid is smart! LOL.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Yes...i am one of those!

I seriously can't wait for this!!!!!! I will be there opening night again! I have not read these books in a year now and watching this wants me to pick them up again and read them all again. I dont know why, but i loved this series. Stephenie Meyer is an awesome writer. She can write chemistry between people like no one else i have read. And i did read 104 books in 1 year. So, the obsession with this series might come back temporarily.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

PiCtUrEs! Woooo hooooo!

(apparently we need to take more pictures of daddy! he doesn't have any)

Ethan and Brooke. He asked if he could hold her. lol

On a playdate to the Mayfield Creamery. We go to see milk being put into jugs!

Brooke looks great in her hair net. I see cafeteria lady written all over her.

Mommy and Brooke

Ethan and Zackary playing street fighter

Brooke and her Friend Natalie. Natalie is 1 month older then Brooke.

I love this picture

Ladies Man Ethan

Look at him kick! Go Ethan!

Friday, September 11, 2009

a week of sickness!

Wow, a whole week since i blogged. Jeez....and i dont even have the "Sorry i have been reading" excuse! Can i use the "my husband was home for 5 days and i was spending all my time with him" excuse?

This week has been nice. Like i just said, alex was home for 5 days! It was nice. The first 3 days he was in pain from his teeth. He has teeth issues, so he really didn't leave bed. Sunday we did go spend some time at my parents. It had been since Easter since we had really seen them! Geez! Alex started to feel better monday evening. Tuesday Brooke and I went to the Mayfield dairy creamery on a playdate to see how milk is jugged and so on. I will get some pics up hopefully later today. When we got back, Brooke was sleeping and Alex was watching a movie. So i left him with Brooke and took off for some "Me" time before picking Ethan up. Where did i go??? the used book store...that is a given and walmart. Ethan had a surprise soccer practice tuesday night so i got one of there pizzas that we LOVE. Wednesday i wasn't feeling well! So, alex let me nap on and off through out the day. So, Alex's 5 day off was really spent with one of us in bed the whole time. It would have been nice to get a day for he and I, but that just didn't happen this time.

Onto Thursday and Friday, Ethan has been home sick. His first 2 days of school he has missed. Really he could go back today...but according to the rule he has to be fever free 24 hours and it broke around 5 last night. He was really out of it yesterday, so he probably needs today to rest since he has PE on fridays. Plus, i guess the fever could come back. I keep hearing that kids have been getting a fever for a few days then it spikes a few days later to a high fever. Hoping we dont have that.

I am going to try to get a picture entry up today. Happy Friday! Good Weekend!

Friday, September 4, 2009


Just a little update on how we are. The kids are doing great. Ethan has had a wonderful week at school. Finally behaving better. FINALLY! Hopefully we are on the right track now. He missed soccer on Monday. There isn't another practice for 2 weeks. He has loved it though when he has gone. He knows know 14 sight words at school. More b/c i taught him a lot this summer. When reading books he is beginning to reconize words. I can point to words he know and he gets so excited because he knows some of the words in the stories. I need to start sitting down every week and work on one of those early learning books with him and have him start memorizing them, since that is a key to reading too. He is learning new words at school too. His teachers like to teach them things like, instead of saying "I am special." They can use the word unique instead. We have noticed lots of new words when he speaks.

Brooklynn is still learning letters too. I need to work with her more. She is bright and loves learning. She draws so good. Her and Ethan literally draw on about the same level. The girl always has a marker in her hand and a pad of paper. I am constantly buying little notebooks for her. She colors in the lines with coloring books. We are working very hard on the 2 year old temper. Trying to get her to use her words more then crying or screaming. She really is a whiner. But, i guess thats what makes her special.

Alex is hopefully starting work in Athens in a few weeks. It will be such a relief to have him 30 minutes away from us then an hour! It will be nice for the bank account too. I am hoping that once he starts there he is happier. I hate seeing him so unhappy with what he does. He is taking the next few days off. It will be nice to have him around! Or i think it will be at least.

Me! September was my year to date mark in my journal from when i started writing down all the books i have read. 101 books in 1 year. How awesome is that! I am proud! I dont think i would have gotten there is i hadn't gotten sucked into this series a friend gave me. It was the Sons of Destiny Series by Jean Johnson. Very differant from anything i have read. It was 8 books. it was a very sci-fi kinda series. I ended up loving it...and had the 8 books read in a week and a half!

Have a happy weekend!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Santa Claus

So apparently Santa Claus is not suffering from this recession and has the ability to make absolutly whatever!

For fun yesterday (and so i can start thinking about christmas shopping to get it done!), i asked the kiddos what they were hoping Santa would bring them this year.

Ethan: "I want a XBox like Justin (KK's boyfriend) has!"

Brooke: "I want Tinkerbell wings so i can fly over the house!"

I am currently taking donations. Please Make checks payable to Rebecca Wolfe :o)