Friday, September 11, 2009

a week of sickness!

Wow, a whole week since i blogged. Jeez....and i dont even have the "Sorry i have been reading" excuse! Can i use the "my husband was home for 5 days and i was spending all my time with him" excuse?

This week has been nice. Like i just said, alex was home for 5 days! It was nice. The first 3 days he was in pain from his teeth. He has teeth issues, so he really didn't leave bed. Sunday we did go spend some time at my parents. It had been since Easter since we had really seen them! Geez! Alex started to feel better monday evening. Tuesday Brooke and I went to the Mayfield dairy creamery on a playdate to see how milk is jugged and so on. I will get some pics up hopefully later today. When we got back, Brooke was sleeping and Alex was watching a movie. So i left him with Brooke and took off for some "Me" time before picking Ethan up. Where did i go??? the used book store...that is a given and walmart. Ethan had a surprise soccer practice tuesday night so i got one of there pizzas that we LOVE. Wednesday i wasn't feeling well! So, alex let me nap on and off through out the day. So, Alex's 5 day off was really spent with one of us in bed the whole time. It would have been nice to get a day for he and I, but that just didn't happen this time.

Onto Thursday and Friday, Ethan has been home sick. His first 2 days of school he has missed. Really he could go back today...but according to the rule he has to be fever free 24 hours and it broke around 5 last night. He was really out of it yesterday, so he probably needs today to rest since he has PE on fridays. Plus, i guess the fever could come back. I keep hearing that kids have been getting a fever for a few days then it spikes a few days later to a high fever. Hoping we dont have that.

I am going to try to get a picture entry up today. Happy Friday! Good Weekend!