Thursday, September 17, 2009

Parent-Teacher Conferance

Ethan's conferance went pretty well. He is right now on track, and at this point with his pace of learning, she doesn't see any reason why he wont be ready for first grade. I know he is brillant. We are already reading! At home we sit with books that are very short right now. As we read i point to the words i know he knows and he reads them. He even repeats the ones i speak. So, he is learning. He's growing up WAY to fast!!!

A few things we need to work on are the numbers 13, 14, 15. He blends them together kinda. Also his name. He thinks his name is Ethan Wolfe. Not Ethan and then last name Wolfe. I explained to her though that in Pre-k, there were 2 Ethan's. So he was called everyday Ethan Wolfe. So, she understands now and its something to work on.

His behavior has been improving. We agreed that the sudden structure in kindergarten had a lot to do with it. the kindergarten in Banks county is different from a lot. There is no free time. They work all day. They want to make sure the kids are ready for 1st grade. So many kids have a hard time that they are trying to get them used to the structure now.

So, like i thought, my kid is smart! LOL.