Friday, September 4, 2009


Just a little update on how we are. The kids are doing great. Ethan has had a wonderful week at school. Finally behaving better. FINALLY! Hopefully we are on the right track now. He missed soccer on Monday. There isn't another practice for 2 weeks. He has loved it though when he has gone. He knows know 14 sight words at school. More b/c i taught him a lot this summer. When reading books he is beginning to reconize words. I can point to words he know and he gets so excited because he knows some of the words in the stories. I need to start sitting down every week and work on one of those early learning books with him and have him start memorizing them, since that is a key to reading too. He is learning new words at school too. His teachers like to teach them things like, instead of saying "I am special." They can use the word unique instead. We have noticed lots of new words when he speaks.

Brooklynn is still learning letters too. I need to work with her more. She is bright and loves learning. She draws so good. Her and Ethan literally draw on about the same level. The girl always has a marker in her hand and a pad of paper. I am constantly buying little notebooks for her. She colors in the lines with coloring books. We are working very hard on the 2 year old temper. Trying to get her to use her words more then crying or screaming. She really is a whiner. But, i guess thats what makes her special.

Alex is hopefully starting work in Athens in a few weeks. It will be such a relief to have him 30 minutes away from us then an hour! It will be nice for the bank account too. I am hoping that once he starts there he is happier. I hate seeing him so unhappy with what he does. He is taking the next few days off. It will be nice to have him around! Or i think it will be at least.

Me! September was my year to date mark in my journal from when i started writing down all the books i have read. 101 books in 1 year. How awesome is that! I am proud! I dont think i would have gotten there is i hadn't gotten sucked into this series a friend gave me. It was the Sons of Destiny Series by Jean Johnson. Very differant from anything i have read. It was 8 books. it was a very sci-fi kinda series. I ended up loving it...and had the 8 books read in a week and a half!

Have a happy weekend!