Friday, September 18, 2009

Use your imagination

We are headed down to Grammy's for the weekend. Ethan says he doesn't want mommy to come. So, i ask how he will get there.

Almost 2 years ago now, his Aunt KK bought him a powerwheels gray Ford truck. He says i need to charge his battery so after school he and Brooke can get in and meet their grammy at the Chicken place. (the chicken place is a place we meet halfway in ogelthorpe when giving her the kids and i run the other way for a quite weekend).

So, i find it so funny. I can just see in my head Ethan going down the road driving and Brooke sitting next to him. Her fiddeling with the radio (yes they put real FM radios in those things) and Ethan smiling as he drives to his Grammy's. I imagine if they left at 3:00 they could be at the chicken place by 7 since it moves at 5 mph.

Grammy......look for the little gray truck!

This photo is about a year old i think.