Monday, January 26, 2009

life without kids

I sometimes wonder where Alex and I's life would be if we didn't have kids. I have some friends who have no kids but are married. I often wonder what they do with there time. Alex and i love every moment we get to ourselves, but what would we do if it was always us? I imagine my house would always be clean. I would have no one sneaking in my bed at 2am. No one yelling at me when they don't get there way. No constant crying over silly things. When i think about might just be boring! My day is filled with being the referee between Ethan and Brooklynn. Kissing little boo boos, reading storys, pretending to be a monster and chasing them around. If i didn't have them, i imagine i would be at work for 8 hours a day and then come home cook dinner or probably eat out a lot. Alex and i would probably stay up way to late watching TV since we didn't have to worry about anyone having a bad dream and waking us. We would probably spend the weekends out shopping spending way to much money. I have no clue what we would talk about, lol. We spend so much time talking about the kids, without them how do you have anything new to discuss. So, while a spotless house seems like a nice thing, i don't know that i would trade it all for a 9-5 job. I think i will keep my whinning, laughing, loud and spoiled kids. Life would really be way to boring without them.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Just Alex's luck!

We finally bought a Wii!! Yay, exciting right? Most people would have gotten home and been so excited to have a Wii. hubby has bad luck. So, we hook it up and our TV dies!!! It was coincidental that the day we get our Wii is the day our 4 year old TV kicks the can! Bound and determined to play we got out our tiny and ancient 19inch tv. LOL and my it is tiny going from a 27inch flatscreen (old kind) to a tiny 19inch. We still had fun, so all in all the evening turned out fun. Now...we are going to have to save for a VERY expensive purchase soon......a new TV. I guess i should say bye bye to my hopes to my hardwood laminate before my birthday.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

What a shock!

i had someone tell me Ethan looks just like me and that brooklynn must look just like her daddy! I don't think anyone has ever said Ethan looked like me. Finally, someone knows i actually birthed him. :)

Saturday, January 17, 2009

The Dentist!

Ethan had a dentist apt yesterday. This was his 3rd one. I think it went WORSE then the first one. To the point even the dentist didn't know what to do with him. He refused it. he tried to bite her, kick her, hit her, you name it. It was awful. I left the room in hopes with me gone it would go better. I dont think it went any better. He didn't even get all his teeth cleaned. The dentist said she didn't want to be to forceful b/c she didn't want him to hate the dentist. Even though i am thinking it is too late for that. Brooke happily had them look at her teeth. We had hoped that would ease Ethan, but it didn't. The dentist recommended Daddy to bring him next time. She said sometimes boys want to act brave infront of daddy. So in July, i am having daddy bring the kiddos there. Might be good for him. I know i am dreading July 22 if i have to take him.

On a better note, after the dentist we dropped brooke off with a friend and Ethan and i went to a birthday party at funopolis. I will have to post a video later of Ethan on the bumper cars driving it by himself!

Ethan has agreed to stop sucking his thumb in hopes to get a toy he really wants at walmart. Brooke said "No." I guess she is not wanting to stop right now.

Have a great weekend!

Monday, January 12, 2009

poor plant

Over a month ago, my mother in law gave Brooklynn a peace lily. It was part of one she had. When we first got home with it, it was in a cup since the plant was tiny. Brooke mistaked the gift as a toy and took it out of the pot it was in. After saving the plant from being destroyed i explained it was not a toy, it was a plant. We look at it. So, we planted it in a bigger pot and have been doing just the normal to taking care of the plant. It really had not changed much sine we got it. Last week we started to have new growth on it. Brooke was so exicted to see all the new leaves coming off the stems of the other leaves. So we went from 3 leaves to 6! We were going to take a picture of it this morning to send to grammy to show her how the plant was growing and last night one of the cats at all the leafs but 1!!!!!!!!! So, now our poor little plant has 1 leaf and 5 stems sticking up. :( Luckily we had another new leaf turn out today from another stem, so we have 2 leaves and 5 stems. Poor plant.

Friday, January 9, 2009

Daily websites

I have a few of those 1 sale a day websites i love visiting everyday. First up is my FAV
I love this one. I have gotten alex and i bluetooth headsets at 9.99 each. Alex got a FREE CD/DVD repair kit and i got a FREE water clock so far. I check it daily. Every day there is something new on it. Shipping is usuall $5 or $3.99 it gets addicitve looking every day to see what ya can get.
I visit this one. it has mostly computer or hi tech gadgets. I almost bought some memory sticks off there once for like $2. But i didn't. I have a friend who buys off there all the time. once again, one deal a day is on there. When there are flashing lights (roughly once a month), it is clean out day and the deal changes as soon as it it sold out. This site is also flat rate shipping for $5. So if it is a TV on there for 149, you still pay 5 for shipping.
I am new to this one, but this one ROCKS. 2 days ago they had a 8GB IPOD nano on there for 39.99. I almost got it to sell it on ebay and make a profit. i just got a new MP3 for christmas. They also have flat rate shipping. I think this one will be a FAV too before long. They offer lots of different things like
I just discovered this one yesterday, so i don't have much of a review on it. However today (1/9/09) they have a cool bag on there for 9.99 that is usally 100.00.

Alright, go check them out and if you have any others you love share them with me please :) Let me know what you think of the sites too.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

our week

The week is almost over and i haven't blogged! We have had a pretty good week. Ethan went back to school Wednesday. Wednesday was a wonderful day. It was like a normal day. I cleaned my little heart out. Brooke had lots of time playing alone in her room, which she loves to do. Ethan had a blast at school. Alex was at work. I guess he was happy there, lol. Monday we went to Monkey Joes and the kids had a lot of fun. With Brooke being 2 now she had a wonderful time too. She was able to do a lot more. She was ofcoarse still scared of the big purple monkey when he came walking around. Last weekend we were down in Augusta. Aunt KK was home, so the kids got there fill of her and of coarse there grammy. I got to shop for new shoes. :) I love shoes. Shoe Carnival down there was going out of business. 70% off. Got 5 pairs, sketchers for me, 2 pairs of dressy heels, and kids sandel for the summer, the grand total was $50!!! That was a great deal.

Brooke learned something new! How to get out of bed at night and find her way in the dark to my side of the bed and then get in! LOL! Except when she sneaks in, she wants to play awhile. Ugh. Atleast when Ethan went through that he went right to sleep. Brooke tosses and turns, kicks her feet into you and talks. Hoping she is too tired to come bug me tonight. I guess they all go through it though.

I will post a pic entry soon :) I also want to make a blog about the website i love to visit everyday.

Friday, January 2, 2009

Video Games

Some parents refuse to have them in there house and some parents will buy every gaming system that comes out. We were in the middle. We never wanted to spend that much on one. If we had even bought one. We often try to think we will limit TV, and we will not have video games. Our kids need to be doing something productive with there time. But, since Brooklynn came the TV is on ALL day. It stays on PBS. Trying to limit TV between the 2 has been tough. They each have shows they want.

Ethan's first video games was a pocket He got it from Santa in 2007. It has been rarely played. Maybe b/c it needs batteries and we used that as an excuse. LOL. But, he plays it some. His 2nd was a sega genisus (yes a dinasour) that he got over the summer. It was Alex's and his brother's as kids. Ethan liked it, but got bored rather quickly b/c all the games were too advanced for him. For christmas, alex's brother gave him there old nintendo gamecube. Sadly to say Ethan and i will sit there for HOURS playing. Alex even went with us to buy some new games. And he enjoyed it. He has even been having fun playing it. Now he is on a Wii kick. He really wants one.

But with all the negative publicity when it comes to video games, we have really had some great bonding time with it. Ethan and i love battling it out in Mario Party 8. It is a game where there is no skill really, so he too can win. Its fun since we can play our best and still anyone can win. So, we have now become the family with video games. Look down on us if you But we are loving it!! We are having some great family time. Better then watching TV. Since i never watch it, the TV is usually what the kids do while i clean and so on. So, thank goodness to video games. Its got us all on the couch together to play.

Have a great weekend! We are headed to augusta