Friday, January 9, 2009

Daily websites

I have a few of those 1 sale a day websites i love visiting everyday. First up is my FAV
I love this one. I have gotten alex and i bluetooth headsets at 9.99 each. Alex got a FREE CD/DVD repair kit and i got a FREE water clock so far. I check it daily. Every day there is something new on it. Shipping is usuall $5 or $3.99 it gets addicitve looking every day to see what ya can get.
I visit this one. it has mostly computer or hi tech gadgets. I almost bought some memory sticks off there once for like $2. But i didn't. I have a friend who buys off there all the time. once again, one deal a day is on there. When there are flashing lights (roughly once a month), it is clean out day and the deal changes as soon as it it sold out. This site is also flat rate shipping for $5. So if it is a TV on there for 149, you still pay 5 for shipping.
I am new to this one, but this one ROCKS. 2 days ago they had a 8GB IPOD nano on there for 39.99. I almost got it to sell it on ebay and make a profit. i just got a new MP3 for christmas. They also have flat rate shipping. I think this one will be a FAV too before long. They offer lots of different things like
I just discovered this one yesterday, so i don't have much of a review on it. However today (1/9/09) they have a cool bag on there for 9.99 that is usally 100.00.

Alright, go check them out and if you have any others you love share them with me please :) Let me know what you think of the sites too.


Sarah said...

Hey you little pack of wolves! Looks like someone is celebrating a birthday today by my looking at your ticker!

Thanks for sharing these deals sites- steals are definitely to be had!

WolfeFamily said...

thanks. no birthday though, just a lazy mama who has not changed the ticker yet.