Monday, January 12, 2009

poor plant

Over a month ago, my mother in law gave Brooklynn a peace lily. It was part of one she had. When we first got home with it, it was in a cup since the plant was tiny. Brooke mistaked the gift as a toy and took it out of the pot it was in. After saving the plant from being destroyed i explained it was not a toy, it was a plant. We look at it. So, we planted it in a bigger pot and have been doing just the normal to taking care of the plant. It really had not changed much sine we got it. Last week we started to have new growth on it. Brooke was so exicted to see all the new leaves coming off the stems of the other leaves. So we went from 3 leaves to 6! We were going to take a picture of it this morning to send to grammy to show her how the plant was growing and last night one of the cats at all the leafs but 1!!!!!!!!! So, now our poor little plant has 1 leaf and 5 stems sticking up. :( Luckily we had another new leaf turn out today from another stem, so we have 2 leaves and 5 stems. Poor plant.