Thursday, January 8, 2009

our week

The week is almost over and i haven't blogged! We have had a pretty good week. Ethan went back to school Wednesday. Wednesday was a wonderful day. It was like a normal day. I cleaned my little heart out. Brooke had lots of time playing alone in her room, which she loves to do. Ethan had a blast at school. Alex was at work. I guess he was happy there, lol. Monday we went to Monkey Joes and the kids had a lot of fun. With Brooke being 2 now she had a wonderful time too. She was able to do a lot more. She was ofcoarse still scared of the big purple monkey when he came walking around. Last weekend we were down in Augusta. Aunt KK was home, so the kids got there fill of her and of coarse there grammy. I got to shop for new shoes. :) I love shoes. Shoe Carnival down there was going out of business. 70% off. Got 5 pairs, sketchers for me, 2 pairs of dressy heels, and kids sandel for the summer, the grand total was $50!!! That was a great deal.

Brooke learned something new! How to get out of bed at night and find her way in the dark to my side of the bed and then get in! LOL! Except when she sneaks in, she wants to play awhile. Ugh. Atleast when Ethan went through that he went right to sleep. Brooke tosses and turns, kicks her feet into you and talks. Hoping she is too tired to come bug me tonight. I guess they all go through it though.

I will post a pic entry soon :) I also want to make a blog about the website i love to visit everyday.