Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Thankful Blog

I am thankful for my wonderful husband who puts up with me. I know i can be a bit of a handful at times, but he always knows how to deal with me. I am thankful that even becoming parents as young as we were, he gave me the opportunity to stay home and even in any financial situation we have been in, we have made it through with our love for each other and our children.  I honestly don't think that there is anyone else out there who was made for me.  He is the exact man i always thought i would marry and he has been better to me in ways then i could have imagined.
-----my only complaint....when we married i was under the impression he wasn't a sit on the couch all day saturday and watch football kind of guy.-----
I love you my sexy hubby!

I am thankful for Ethan with the wisdom he now has. He seems to get me so well. Which is a good thing! Ethan is starting to have all this understanding of how things work. It amazes me how he knows me. He will see me start to stress a little over something, and he is right there to help. In the end, somehow Ethan gets me calmed down. I am so thankful for the love he has for his sister. He is so sweet and helpful to her. I am so glad that we have been able to raise Ethan and Brooke to be as close as they are to each other. The bond they share will hopefully be with them through life.

I am thankful for Brooklynn being Brooklynn. She is my over dramatic daughter, chatter box, with her little sassy and knows what she wants attitude. She keeps me on my toes and sometimes makes me feel  stress and anger like i have never felt.....but then brings me right out of it with a cute little smile and a big hug and kiss, the her famous words "i love you!". She keeps me on my toes for sure. I could not have asked for a better daughter. Even with her attitude and dramatic personality, she is going to be hell on wheels to anyone who just might piss her off. Between Ethan and her personality, she will not be walked all over. I am thankful to have a daughter with such a strong personality.

I am thankful for all my immediate family. The support system Alex and I have with our kids is just amazing. There is always someone there to step in and help. Whether it is dishing out advice or taking the kids for a few days. The love my children feel from all their aunts and uncles and grandparents and great grandparents is just amazing. They could not have been born into a better family then they have. Ethan and Brooke will always know the meaning of love.

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone! (oh....and i am thankful for my blog readers...without you, who would read me!)

Monday, November 23, 2009

Family Weekend and No School

We get an extra long break this year during thankgiving! YAY! So, today was Monday and NO SCHOOL! The kids even let me sleep after 8 this morning.

We had a good weekend. Saturday we just spent the day here at home. Alex and I were both tired from a late night so we had a cozy movie day, played some games, and just vegged out.  Sunday was rainy and the kids were remarkably good for being couped up in a dark dreary house while it poured rain outside.  Yesterday also was my first book club meeting that i started with a friend. The kids were great at the house we went too. Brooke might now offically always be scared of dogs! She met a great dane!!! Even i was a little nervous because that was my first time meeting a dog that big. They kept the dog up so it wouldn't bother Brooke.  This dog was so big. But he was a complete sweety!

So today i plan on doing laundry and hopefully mopping if the sun comes out. We had the carpets cleaned last wednesday. The new rule for the kids is NO FOOD or NO DRINK in the living room. These people cleaned it so well the carpets look white and they didn't look that good when we moved in!  So i am completely amazed since starting this rule that i have not had to vacuum now (which i did every day) or clean the coffee table(this was an every other day job). Who knew letting the kids have food all over my house was making my life have to clean so much more.

Have a happy Monday!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Keep Your Sick Kids Home!

Seriously!!! Common sense America! If your sick...stay home!

We had our crapets cleaned yesterday so while they dried, we took Brooke and the little boy i babysit (Charles) to burger king for lunch. They played and had fun. But, then these two kids came in running around playing and having fun. Then suddenly the boy (looked to be about 9 most likely home from school) is coughing and can't stop. A horrible cough too. His parents had him sit down. The snot started coming out of that kid like crazy. I was completly disgusted and got my two kiddos out of there and soaked them with anti bacterial wipes since both Brooke and Charles are thumb suckers! I can't stop the airborne germs...but i can hope just maybe we don't get sick.


Monday, November 16, 2009

I love my kids

Last week was a week where Ethan really vocalized, lol. One day i was told i wasn't cool. Then yesterday i was old. LOL. Gotta love it when they can talk! But besides that, they have also been learning to say "i love you." a lot more. Ethan will simply say, "Mom, i love you!" It melts your heart. Then last night after kissing the kids goodnight, i told them like usual that i loved them and to sleep good. Brooke said, "Mommy, i love you more!" I smiled and let her have the last word...i think i love her more though, lol.

So, for some reason last night Brooke had this idea they were going to cook and do the dishes. What in the heck has gotten into my kids?! Seriously?!

So they did cook me dinner. They smooshes biscuits, put tomatoe sauce on and cheese and i put them in the oven. They were pretty good. However, after eating, they decided they didn't want to do the dishes and i decided it was a leave all the dishes in the sink night. We then settled down with a handful of books and read.

So, thank you Brooke and Ethan. Whatever wild sweet hair you guys got up your butt! Keep it up. It just melts mommy's heart.

Friday, November 13, 2009

They do love one another

How sweet is this! brooke was sound asleep and ethan curled up with her to watch his movie.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

i had my payback! My apology to my mom!


Ok, now that, that is off my chest...i got my payback the other night at McDonalds. The lights were out at home so we went to get dinner. It was just me and the kids. McDonalds currently has My Little Ponies so we had to go there. Brooke has been wanting the purple one "Star Song". That is her favorite pony. So while inside ordering i ask the lady to please give us the purple one. She can't find one and asks if there is another she would like. I say the orange one (Scootaloo) since we don't have that one. We get to the table Brooke opens her bag and that's it. She screamed bloody murder and the tears just started to pour out. You could not get her to be quite. She did not want that orange pony. The people all around just stopped and stared. I could not get her to calm down. This fantastic lady who works for McDonalds went into the stock room and found the purple one and gave it to Brooke. Brooke wanted to keep both ponies then, but i made her choose. So, we now have the McDonalds StarSong...from the temper tantrum from hell. Heck, a man even gave Brooke money that we didn't know so she would feel better.

So, i normally don't let my kids act like that and then let someone give them what they wanted. They need to know in life you don't always get what you want, but that girl was i let her have the pony.

It was quite embarressing though. And i do recall throwing hissy fits in the mall when my mom wouldn't buy me a shirt i wanted. So...once again, i am sorry mom!

(pictures one entry below)

Halloween pics..FINALLY

Enjoy :o)

Sunday, November 8, 2009

the recent happenings i haven't blogged because my intent all week was to get picture on here. Well, as you can see that didn't happen!!! I am hoping November goes a little bit slower then October did. I don't even remember October...did we even have that month?

So, Halloween was nice. We went down to my parents house ate pizza and went trick or treating. We did every house (that gave out candy) in the neighborhood. Almost had the bucket filled to the top. However, i must say i am rather disappointed in trick or treating. No one hands it out anymore. Its like you get dressed, go walking and every 3 houses gives it out!!! Geez! Or those people who stick the bucket outside with the note "Please take one piece". ha ha! by the time we got there, there was no candy. But, the kids had a blast. This year we did it right. The neighborhood wasn't over crowded, there were sidewalks. The kids had a blast. Last year we did the neighborhood behind us (no sidewalks and just one road). It was crazy busy since its the only neighborhood in Homer. Vehicles was too much with little kids. So...i will get some pictures up soon.

Ethan's class is so far ahead the rest of the kindergarten classes! They have completed most of there work that takes them until february! They were featured at the school and the morning show. Even though his teacher is soooooo least they are doing something right.

Well, i have been graced to be home alone this morning (kids at grammy's and hubby at work). So I am going to get in a workout. I have money i over paid on my gab i might go to old navy. Just enjoy my time. Alex and i had a great day yesterday just being together. We walked the outlets, had dinner out, and enjoyed a movie in the evening.