Sunday, November 8, 2009

the recent happenings i haven't blogged because my intent all week was to get picture on here. Well, as you can see that didn't happen!!! I am hoping November goes a little bit slower then October did. I don't even remember October...did we even have that month?

So, Halloween was nice. We went down to my parents house ate pizza and went trick or treating. We did every house (that gave out candy) in the neighborhood. Almost had the bucket filled to the top. However, i must say i am rather disappointed in trick or treating. No one hands it out anymore. Its like you get dressed, go walking and every 3 houses gives it out!!! Geez! Or those people who stick the bucket outside with the note "Please take one piece". ha ha! by the time we got there, there was no candy. But, the kids had a blast. This year we did it right. The neighborhood wasn't over crowded, there were sidewalks. The kids had a blast. Last year we did the neighborhood behind us (no sidewalks and just one road). It was crazy busy since its the only neighborhood in Homer. Vehicles was too much with little kids. So...i will get some pictures up soon.

Ethan's class is so far ahead the rest of the kindergarten classes! They have completed most of there work that takes them until february! They were featured at the school and the morning show. Even though his teacher is soooooo least they are doing something right.

Well, i have been graced to be home alone this morning (kids at grammy's and hubby at work). So I am going to get in a workout. I have money i over paid on my gab i might go to old navy. Just enjoy my time. Alex and i had a great day yesterday just being together. We walked the outlets, had dinner out, and enjoyed a movie in the evening.