Thursday, November 19, 2009

Keep Your Sick Kids Home!

Seriously!!! Common sense America! If your sick...stay home!

We had our crapets cleaned yesterday so while they dried, we took Brooke and the little boy i babysit (Charles) to burger king for lunch. They played and had fun. But, then these two kids came in running around playing and having fun. Then suddenly the boy (looked to be about 9 most likely home from school) is coughing and can't stop. A horrible cough too. His parents had him sit down. The snot started coming out of that kid like crazy. I was completly disgusted and got my two kiddos out of there and soaked them with anti bacterial wipes since both Brooke and Charles are thumb suckers! I can't stop the airborne germs...but i can hope just maybe we don't get sick.