Monday, November 23, 2009

Family Weekend and No School

We get an extra long break this year during thankgiving! YAY! So, today was Monday and NO SCHOOL! The kids even let me sleep after 8 this morning.

We had a good weekend. Saturday we just spent the day here at home. Alex and I were both tired from a late night so we had a cozy movie day, played some games, and just vegged out.  Sunday was rainy and the kids were remarkably good for being couped up in a dark dreary house while it poured rain outside.  Yesterday also was my first book club meeting that i started with a friend. The kids were great at the house we went too. Brooke might now offically always be scared of dogs! She met a great dane!!! Even i was a little nervous because that was my first time meeting a dog that big. They kept the dog up so it wouldn't bother Brooke.  This dog was so big. But he was a complete sweety!

So today i plan on doing laundry and hopefully mopping if the sun comes out. We had the carpets cleaned last wednesday. The new rule for the kids is NO FOOD or NO DRINK in the living room. These people cleaned it so well the carpets look white and they didn't look that good when we moved in!  So i am completely amazed since starting this rule that i have not had to vacuum now (which i did every day) or clean the coffee table(this was an every other day job). Who knew letting the kids have food all over my house was making my life have to clean so much more.

Have a happy Monday!