Friday, October 30, 2009

bad week!

This week has been a bad week! I said it, now its official! The kids have not been themselves. Ethan has been pretty emotional this week. The littlest things have been setting him off. Brooke is still pushing her limits. It was bound for this time to come with her. So with Brooke trying to see just how much she can get away with and Ethan crying at the drop of a dime, its been crazy in this house!!! I have been hitting the bed and going out! And still not feeling rested by morning. Hopefully , next week will be better. I guess we are all going to have our off times. At this point, i just want the kids to be happy. Watch TV all day and play video games. Just quit with the crying and attitudes! Next week we will get back to the discipline. I have had enough this week. That's ok, right?

So, to next week! It will all be better!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

accomplished :o)

i have made an accomplishment i am proud of...A DIRTY HOUSE!

To some people you think i am nutty, but i finally have days where i think, this place is a pig pen! It has been a goal of mine for years to let go of the stress of wanting everything clean and picked up and perfect. I still vaccuum everyday b/c i hate crumbs on the floor or seeing the dirt. I dont like things on the floor that i can step on. That hasn't changed, so you would still hear me yelling to get the toys off the floor.

So, what has changed? It might take me 2 weeks to go through Ethan's school work and during that time it piles up on the dining room table or counter. You have to push it out of the way to eat. The counters i always liked so organized, might be piled up with things needing somewhere to go. The top of the entertainment center is full of things that have been taken from the kids, movies, books i have read or need to read. Sometimes you can't even see the fish bowl up there. The playroom is alway a mess. And well, simply now my house looks very lived in. And i am proud!

If the house is a mess it means i have been playing with my kids more. Doing homework with Ethan. It also mean i read some good books that i just felt was more important then cleaning. So FINALLY my new years resolution for years which has been to just let go of wanting everything clean and perfect has been accomplished. And its been a good six months i have been this way now. YAY!

Friday, October 23, 2009

I did it, I did it, I did it YEAH! (dora theme)

I finished writing my book! :o)

268 pages! wooo! That was the easy part! Now comes editing, editing and more editing! I want to get it all done fairly quickly. But with the holidays i may get slowed down. I also need to find someone to edit it! I want to find someone i know who won't charge me a heck of a lot. Anyone out there into editing?!
I was joking with the kids yesterday that mommy was going to be a famous author and we would get to travel. Daddy would get to quit his job and be the stay at home daddy. They laughed at that part. That is a nice fantasy though!
My main goal is that people like it, and it gets published! If not this particular book, maybe another one.
Either way, i finished it! YAY! This is my celebration.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Time is just flying by!

Wow....lately life just seems to be speeding by. Is there a slow down button somewhere? Each day that passes, these kids get older and do i! And to prove just how fast...i am only on my 6th book to read this month. I have been averaging 10-12. Today i am writing. I am coming to near the end of my book. After that...comes the fun stuff. LOL. I also have started a book club with a friend so that has been taking up some time too. Getting the group organized and so on.

Ethan has a soccer game almost every day now to make up for all the rain we have had. The boy is getting too smart. Currently, he is picking picture out of a magazine, glueing to a piece of paper. Then he draws a line from the features such as eyes and so on. Sounds it out and writes it. THEN turn the page over and writes a sentence!!!! Geez! He is also doing math! He is awesome at it. The teacher can write a probelm such as 5 + 4 = and he knows! The kids is 5 and probably already smarter then me. His class is up to about 50 site words now. He has also been into chapter books lately. No, he isn't readying those yet, but probably before long. He liked to read a chapter or 2 a night with me. And he doesn't mind they don't really have pictures.

Brooklynn is getting to big also. I can't belive we are less then 60 days before she is turning 3. This just blows me away! When did she get to be so big? Did i miss something. Its like i was telling a friend the other day. I get excited by each milestone and age Ethan hits. I guess b/c he is the first. Its exciting that he turns 5. But i guess with Brooke being the baby its like, slow down! Dont turn 3 yet! Brooke has been a handful lately. I think 3 is going to be a tough age with her. She has been very defiante latly. She is really pushing buttons and seeing what she can get away with it. Ethan is getting better in public now and walks with us. She is just going crazy with the new freedom of getting to walk in the stores some more. I actually lost her in walmart the other day! I thought she was standing next to me in toys, i look over and she is gone. I go to the next aisle, she isn't there. I should have known though she went one more aisle over to DORA! It did scare me for a moment though.

And Alex...what has he been doing? the same! lol. Working like crazy. He did clean the cushions yesterday. He took them all apart and washed them then restuffed them all. saturday brooke and i are going to a little girls party and Alex and Ethan are going to Funopolis to play putt putt and whatever else.

Will get some pics of soon!

Monday, October 19, 2009

The new nephew is here!

Kainan arrived here on saturday. He is 9 pounds and 8 ounces and a 21 inch long beautiful baby boy! I can not wait to meet him! I hope i don't have to wait until thanksgiving, but if i do, that's ok!

Mama, Baby and the Daddy are all doing well. Tired i am sure, but doing well.

Friday, October 16, 2009

No more thumb....i hope!

The new fireplace its time for them both to kick this thumb sucking...especially with all this sickness around. So, when the No Thumb sign is up there is no thumb. Kids get a sticker on the pink chart if they do it. There will be rewards every so many stickers. Hoping the gradual pace of time will help them stop. During the time the sign is up they will of coarse have to find things to soothe them instead of their thumb. Who knows if this will work...but its worth a try. Especially when its movie time...that is going to be the hardest time with the No Thumb sign. Best of luck to you

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

the cats only like her when she sleeps

Tuesday, October 6, 2009


Ok, for those of you who are taking your sleep for granted, can i just slap you!? Seriously. Man do i miss those days of going to bed and sleeping so soundly and waking when my body felt it was ready to wake. And even then, if i wanted i could roll right over and just snooze. Oh, it sounds like heaven just thinking about it.

Back to reality! So at approx. 1:30 AM we are awoken by someone screaming! Oh dear....did someone get a toe cut off?! NO NO NO! Little Miss Brooke decided that the bed she was sleeping in wasn't where she wanted to be sleeping. She wanted to go into the playroom and sleep on that bed. So, go. But no, in her mind, it means scream bloody murder until someone comes in hearing her making this demand and yells. And it wasn't me, it was daddy! She woke the Daddy!!!!!!! So, into the playroom she goes to sleep. She is happy, all is quite. Do i dare snuggle into the warmth of my hubbys back and go back to sleep? Sure, why not.

Just as i am about fall to sleep someone else comes in crying! Its Ethan. He's upset about a book or something. I try to reassure him, its ok. Nothing to worry about right now. He gets more upset because i dont want to get out of my warm bed to meet his demands. Finally i get him to listen that his book is fine, it is in a safe place and i will show him in the morning. Now go back to your bed! He does.

So, i try to go back to sleep. Its a light sleep after that. Then before i know it, the hubby's alarm is going off. Then after that, mine starts.

Aaaaah! i miss my days of sleep. Thank goodness coffee was invented!

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Video of Ethan reading

Here is Ethan reading "I like Bugs." He has been practicing and was ready to get it on tape. turn the volume...i can hear it good on my phone that i recorded it on but its kinda quite here on the blog.

So Enjoy :o)

Friday, October 2, 2009

My recent conversation with Brooke

I am putting the dishes away, Brooke comes into the kitchen.

Me: "Hi Brooke."

Brooke laughing: "Hi Mommy!"

Me: "What's so funny?"

Brooke: "I like farting in the toilet!"

LMAO! ha ha ha ha!

Me: "Nice to know Brooke."

Brooke: "I am gonna go pee and fart now mommy!"

Seriously, could i have had any better of a conversation today????

Thursday, October 1, 2009

feeling blah

Dear Whomever,
I don't feel good today. I have a headache. My stomach hurts and for some strange reason i have heart burn BAD today and i just woke-up. Yesterday i had the hiccups for about 8 hours....NO lie. I just want to go to bed today and do nothing.
So, i am looking for the number to call to get the mommy substitute in. I am sure since i work 7 days a week and 24 hours a day i should have a good bit of sick leave stored up after 5 years and 2 months on this job. So, if anyone out there has the number in which i should call, please send it this way.

You help is much appreciated,