Tuesday, October 6, 2009


Ok, for those of you who are taking your sleep for granted, can i just slap you!? Seriously. Man do i miss those days of going to bed and sleeping so soundly and waking when my body felt it was ready to wake. And even then, if i wanted i could roll right over and just snooze. Oh, it sounds like heaven just thinking about it.

Back to reality! So at approx. 1:30 AM we are awoken by someone screaming! Oh dear....did someone get a toe cut off?! NO NO NO! Little Miss Brooke decided that the bed she was sleeping in wasn't where she wanted to be sleeping. She wanted to go into the playroom and sleep on that bed. So, go. But no, in her mind, it means scream bloody murder until someone comes in hearing her making this demand and yells. And it wasn't me, it was daddy! She woke the Daddy!!!!!!! So, into the playroom she goes to sleep. She is happy, all is quite. Do i dare snuggle into the warmth of my hubbys back and go back to sleep? Sure, why not.

Just as i am about fall to sleep someone else comes in crying! Its Ethan. He's upset about a book or something. I try to reassure him, its ok. Nothing to worry about right now. He gets more upset because i dont want to get out of my warm bed to meet his demands. Finally i get him to listen that his book is fine, it is in a safe place and i will show him in the morning. Now go back to your bed! He does.

So, i try to go back to sleep. Its a light sleep after that. Then before i know it, the hubby's alarm is going off. Then after that, mine starts.

Aaaaah! i miss my days of sleep. Thank goodness coffee was invented!