Sunday, October 25, 2009

accomplished :o)

i have made an accomplishment i am proud of...A DIRTY HOUSE!

To some people you think i am nutty, but i finally have days where i think, this place is a pig pen! It has been a goal of mine for years to let go of the stress of wanting everything clean and picked up and perfect. I still vaccuum everyday b/c i hate crumbs on the floor or seeing the dirt. I dont like things on the floor that i can step on. That hasn't changed, so you would still hear me yelling to get the toys off the floor.

So, what has changed? It might take me 2 weeks to go through Ethan's school work and during that time it piles up on the dining room table or counter. You have to push it out of the way to eat. The counters i always liked so organized, might be piled up with things needing somewhere to go. The top of the entertainment center is full of things that have been taken from the kids, movies, books i have read or need to read. Sometimes you can't even see the fish bowl up there. The playroom is alway a mess. And well, simply now my house looks very lived in. And i am proud!

If the house is a mess it means i have been playing with my kids more. Doing homework with Ethan. It also mean i read some good books that i just felt was more important then cleaning. So FINALLY my new years resolution for years which has been to just let go of wanting everything clean and perfect has been accomplished. And its been a good six months i have been this way now. YAY!