Friday, October 16, 2009

No more thumb....i hope!

The new fireplace its time for them both to kick this thumb sucking...especially with all this sickness around. So, when the No Thumb sign is up there is no thumb. Kids get a sticker on the pink chart if they do it. There will be rewards every so many stickers. Hoping the gradual pace of time will help them stop. During the time the sign is up they will of coarse have to find things to soothe them instead of their thumb. Who knows if this will work...but its worth a try. Especially when its movie time...that is going to be the hardest time with the No Thumb sign. Best of luck to you


Jaime said...

That's gotta be hard. One thing I'm thankful for is neither of my kids sucked their thumb or wanted a binkie so I didn't have to break either habit. I hope your kids don't have too hard of a time with it.