Sunday, May 31, 2009

Its a boy

Karen is having a boy! We are excited! Now i know what to start shopping for. Ethan said the whole time she was having a boy and he was right. Brooke was a little disapointed. She had been hoping for a girl to play babies with. She is still excited! We saw a friends new born baby and she kissed her all day. She loved it. She is going to be a great cousin to this baby boy! Congratulations Karen and Justin! We can't wait to meet him sometime around Oct. 14th!

Friday, May 29, 2009

tiggers paw prints

Thursday, May 28, 2009


Tomorrow we will be putting our kitty down to sleep. We did tests yesterday and she is in kidney failure. So, after dropping ethan off to school and brooke off to a sitter, alex and i will take her together. For those that asked, this is the same kitty who ran away for a month that we thought had passed away. So, now we have to morn her all over again.

I bought a plaster kit and we are planning on putting her paw prints in it tonight to have a memory of her.

Previous post from the time we lost here if intrested in re reading tiggers story and her slide show.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009


We had a great memorial day weekend. Our visit with KK and Justin was great. They find out friday what sex the baby is. Congratulations to our good friends Kevin and Jennifer! Baby Madison arrived 12 days early on May 24th and is sharing a birthday with her mama! How neat to share a birthday with your child. Alex and I had a great date night saturday. Friday was out anniversary. Date night was much needed and was nice to just get out and have us time. We went to eat and then window shopped at out favorite places. I think one of the best things about our marriage is that we enjoy shopping together and even go to each others store. Such as alex loved places like Staples. They bore me to death but i deal and walk around as long as he walks. We care more about the time together more then anything.

This week has been a slow start to the week. I have been loving the Wii Fit a little too much. Somehow friday working out i hurt my ankle. i rested it all weekend. And yesterday decided to work out again. Big mistake. its all bruised now and swollen. So, today i have wanted to do some cleaning, but have spent the day reading for the most part.

On another note, we have been trying to make a tough decision in our household. One of our cats was diagnosed with a bladder stone back in February. We have not been able to afford surgery. Tried some organic medicines that were suppose to break up the stone. I think our kitty is getting to the point where she is really suffering. She is unfortunately urinating all over the house, is skin and bones and stinks since she has given up grooming. She is even to the point where she is no longer eating. We know the time is probably here to make the choice to have her put down, but it is not easy. I don't want her to suffer any longer. I just have a hard time with the whole concept of putting an animal to sleep. To me it seems cruel in away. But i know it is also cruel letting her continue to suffer. She has been a member of the family for 10 yrs now. This is a decision i have watched my parents make. I know now how tough it must have been for them to put our dog down we had for 15 years. I think this is just one of those things we need to pray for strength for.

Hope everyone is well. Friday is Ethan's last day of Pre-K and then Kindergarden is just ahead!

Sunday, May 24, 2009

The booty shake

Brooke shaking her booty!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

PJ, KK, Justin oh my!

We have a visitor for the next week. PJ the chihuahua! Grammy is headed to Illinois and PJ decided he wanted to hang with Brooke and Ethan for the next week. This should be fun. :o)

5 days left of school for Ethan. He is so excited for Kindergarden, as we are too.  I am not emotional about it like some moms. I guess b/c he did pre-k at public school i don't see the big deal.

This weekend should be fun. Friday is Alex and I's wedding anniversary. So saturday we are having a date night. Aunt KK is coming to town tomorrow and she is bringing Ethan's best friend with her, Justin! Ethan is so excited Justin is coming. Sorry KK, you have been bumped down. All Ethan can talk about is Justin is coming! Hopefully Justin is ready. However, Brooke is more excited her KK is coming, unless Justin gives her a penny she said. Brooke actually cried when i told her Justin was coming with her KK. For some reason she think she wants to take her winnie the pooh ride on toy. Who knows.  

Tomorrow is Field day at Ethan's school. I am so excited to go. I love going on days like this when i get to watch Ethan smile all day and have a blast with his friends. Brooke loves going too. Ethan defiantly has his daddy's luck though. We had to bring in a white t-shirt to be tye dyed. The lady who did them, did it with boiling water. Everyones shirts turned out great. BUT, Ethan's shirt is the only shirt that shrunk!!!! It will barely cover his belly button. ha ha ha! blackmail time. J/K. Luckily he has some of my luck too and his teacher Ms. Stephanie has an extra shirt for him.

Our week has been pretty good minus our whole yard is blooming at killing me! Have a great weekend!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Post 100

Wow, we have made it to 100 posts on here. Is anyone still reading? Have i bored everyone to tears yet that your begging for me to get off the internet all together?  So, post 100 is going to be pictures. Lots of of them so get your clicker finger ready if you going to copy all my pics!

even though he is too big to be sucking his thumb he looks so handsome here

Little homie Brooke

Climbing up the net at McDonalds (no socks on Brooke)

The behavior chart

Ethan's baseball pic, yes its from his plaque, lol

Monkey Ethan

Brooke on her bike or whatever it is.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

little update

Tongiht ends the t-ball season...maybe. its raining. it could mean the game is moved. i am so over t-ball season. lol. i am not a sports mama. Never been intrested in them. Ethan wants to play soccer in the fall. I am going to look and see if i can find anywhere with tennis lessons. He wants to play tennis. He enjoys it on the wii, but that doesn't mean he will actually like it.

i love my wii fit. i can really feel my muscles building. i have only been using it since saturday, but i really can tell a differance. Maybe not with less fat in my fat areas, but i can feel muscles. Which is the 1st step, next will be to burn off this fat! lol. i feel better and really look forward to getting on it.  The kids are pretty good during my workout time to leave me alone. Or they stand on each side of me doing the exercises with me.

Ethan's last day of school is the 29th. I am ready for summer vacation.

The kids have been great the last few days. Brooke went on a playdate in Athens with a bunch of 2 year olds. Once again all boys minus the 1 yr old girl. She must have been born the year of boys. LOL. She broke away from me for a little. but for the most part like usual she stayed glued to me. She has been doing great in her wednesday class at the library. It has not been going for the past 2 wednesday but will start up again this upcoming week. She will now sing and dance in there and feels comfotable.  I still want to look into putting her into a 2 day morning program. She is so smart. She know some upper and lower case letters, her colors, numbers and so on. I am really impressed with her.

Yesterday was Ethan's  end of the year conferance. He is doing great. His teacher said with him being the youngest he is also one of the smartest. Which is great to know. His maturaty is behind the others, but atleast he's smart :o)  We have been working with Ethan about the crying all the time and so on. We have been working on building his confidence in himself. I think he will do great in kindergarden.

Kids grow up too fast!

Monday, May 11, 2009


Charts are one thing that work wonderful for both my kids. When they aren't sleeping through the night, they love the chart and sticker thing to help them get back into the habit. Or any other behavior that needs modifying. So, today i got out the dry erase board and am doing a weekly behavior chart. Once it looks better i will post a pic. The only marker i found was almost dead, so it looks ghetto right now lol. They both share the category of listening and cleaning up. Ethan has his own category for talking back. And Brooke has one for using the bathroom by herself. We were blessed she potty trained at a year and a half but she can't go by herself. So we are working on it. It is crazy that i have to drop anything i am doing just to take her potty. So, we are working on that. They had smiles in everything but listening. They got frowns there. They did have the middle face (eyes with a straight line for mouth) on cleaning up, but then they both ran to their rooms and cleaned them to be spotless, so i changed it to a happy face.  Hopefully soon, the kids will listen a little better.

For those who were worried about alex, no swine flu. YAY! It was nerve recking at first, but it must have been a nasty bug. Thank goodness! I was really worried about him.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Mother's Day

I celebrated Mother's day a day early. Alex has to work since he was kind and let all the managers who were mothers have the day off. So, we spend today having it as my mother's day. I had hoped to be a little spoiled today and not have to do much. However, my poor husband i am worried has the Swine Flu. Ok....dont throw stones. I have reason to think the poor guy might. He has the body aches. Fever around 102 and so on. We are hoping it is viral. If he is not feeling better by monday morning we plan on visiting the doctor. In his line of work he has all kinds of people in and out of his resturant, so there is always the possibilty. 

I didn't get to be spoiled today, but it was still a nice day. I only did the house work i wanted, which was basically just the dishes. We have bad flies in Homer and if you don't take care of dishes, they take over your kitchen! I swear, i think the flies sit by a door and wait for you to open it here.

My mothers day gift was a Wii Fit. I am excited. I have been on a diet again. Mostly just trying to eat healthy. I got really bad about eating good. Might have a piece of fruit once a month! So, fruit or yogurt for breakfast. Normally cheese and slimfast for lunch. Veggies or a fruit for snack then whatever for dinner. Protein water during the day. I do need to tone up, so the Wii Fit will give me cardio options. There is no where safe (as in cars) around here to walk. The one place i found does not allow Ethan to ride his bike there. So its no fun for the kiddos to go with me. Fingers crossed the Wii Fit can help me get fit!

Happy Mother's Day to everyone!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

they look so sweet while sleeping


Yesterday was a big day for Ethan!  He went on his very first field trip! The school loaded all the kids up in a bus (yes the big ones with no seat belts) and took them to the Banks County Primary. Ethan got to tour  his school for next year. He saw the cafeteria, music room, art room, where he will do P.E. and so on.  I don't have any pictures since i didn't go. I know....for once i didn't go. I figured i would let Ethan experiance this on his own and come home to tell me about it. I wanted to go but i have to start to let go some. I mean, come on, he's going to kindergarden!! 

So, what was the best part of the whole trip according to Ethan.... RIDING THE SCHOOL BUS WITH NO SEAT BELTS.  IT WAS JUST SO COOL!