Monday, May 11, 2009


Charts are one thing that work wonderful for both my kids. When they aren't sleeping through the night, they love the chart and sticker thing to help them get back into the habit. Or any other behavior that needs modifying. So, today i got out the dry erase board and am doing a weekly behavior chart. Once it looks better i will post a pic. The only marker i found was almost dead, so it looks ghetto right now lol. They both share the category of listening and cleaning up. Ethan has his own category for talking back. And Brooke has one for using the bathroom by herself. We were blessed she potty trained at a year and a half but she can't go by herself. So we are working on it. It is crazy that i have to drop anything i am doing just to take her potty. So, we are working on that. They had smiles in everything but listening. They got frowns there. They did have the middle face (eyes with a straight line for mouth) on cleaning up, but then they both ran to their rooms and cleaned them to be spotless, so i changed it to a happy face.  Hopefully soon, the kids will listen a little better.

For those who were worried about alex, no swine flu. YAY! It was nerve recking at first, but it must have been a nasty bug. Thank goodness! I was really worried about him.