Saturday, May 9, 2009

Mother's Day

I celebrated Mother's day a day early. Alex has to work since he was kind and let all the managers who were mothers have the day off. So, we spend today having it as my mother's day. I had hoped to be a little spoiled today and not have to do much. However, my poor husband i am worried has the Swine Flu. Ok....dont throw stones. I have reason to think the poor guy might. He has the body aches. Fever around 102 and so on. We are hoping it is viral. If he is not feeling better by monday morning we plan on visiting the doctor. In his line of work he has all kinds of people in and out of his resturant, so there is always the possibilty. 

I didn't get to be spoiled today, but it was still a nice day. I only did the house work i wanted, which was basically just the dishes. We have bad flies in Homer and if you don't take care of dishes, they take over your kitchen! I swear, i think the flies sit by a door and wait for you to open it here.

My mothers day gift was a Wii Fit. I am excited. I have been on a diet again. Mostly just trying to eat healthy. I got really bad about eating good. Might have a piece of fruit once a month! So, fruit or yogurt for breakfast. Normally cheese and slimfast for lunch. Veggies or a fruit for snack then whatever for dinner. Protein water during the day. I do need to tone up, so the Wii Fit will give me cardio options. There is no where safe (as in cars) around here to walk. The one place i found does not allow Ethan to ride his bike there. So its no fun for the kiddos to go with me. Fingers crossed the Wii Fit can help me get fit!

Happy Mother's Day to everyone!