Saturday, January 17, 2009

The Dentist!

Ethan had a dentist apt yesterday. This was his 3rd one. I think it went WORSE then the first one. To the point even the dentist didn't know what to do with him. He refused it. he tried to bite her, kick her, hit her, you name it. It was awful. I left the room in hopes with me gone it would go better. I dont think it went any better. He didn't even get all his teeth cleaned. The dentist said she didn't want to be to forceful b/c she didn't want him to hate the dentist. Even though i am thinking it is too late for that. Brooke happily had them look at her teeth. We had hoped that would ease Ethan, but it didn't. The dentist recommended Daddy to bring him next time. She said sometimes boys want to act brave infront of daddy. So in July, i am having daddy bring the kiddos there. Might be good for him. I know i am dreading July 22 if i have to take him.

On a better note, after the dentist we dropped brooke off with a friend and Ethan and i went to a birthday party at funopolis. I will have to post a video later of Ethan on the bumper cars driving it by himself!

Ethan has agreed to stop sucking his thumb in hopes to get a toy he really wants at walmart. Brooke said "No." I guess she is not wanting to stop right now.

Have a great weekend!