Friday, January 2, 2009

Video Games

Some parents refuse to have them in there house and some parents will buy every gaming system that comes out. We were in the middle. We never wanted to spend that much on one. If we had even bought one. We often try to think we will limit TV, and we will not have video games. Our kids need to be doing something productive with there time. But, since Brooklynn came the TV is on ALL day. It stays on PBS. Trying to limit TV between the 2 has been tough. They each have shows they want.

Ethan's first video games was a pocket He got it from Santa in 2007. It has been rarely played. Maybe b/c it needs batteries and we used that as an excuse. LOL. But, he plays it some. His 2nd was a sega genisus (yes a dinasour) that he got over the summer. It was Alex's and his brother's as kids. Ethan liked it, but got bored rather quickly b/c all the games were too advanced for him. For christmas, alex's brother gave him there old nintendo gamecube. Sadly to say Ethan and i will sit there for HOURS playing. Alex even went with us to buy some new games. And he enjoyed it. He has even been having fun playing it. Now he is on a Wii kick. He really wants one.

But with all the negative publicity when it comes to video games, we have really had some great bonding time with it. Ethan and i love battling it out in Mario Party 8. It is a game where there is no skill really, so he too can win. Its fun since we can play our best and still anyone can win. So, we have now become the family with video games. Look down on us if you But we are loving it!! We are having some great family time. Better then watching TV. Since i never watch it, the TV is usually what the kids do while i clean and so on. So, thank goodness to video games. Its got us all on the couch together to play.

Have a great weekend! We are headed to augusta