Tuesday, September 22, 2009

GA rain

So, it has been raining non stop here. We have been fine where we live, at least for now. We live in a pretty good area. My parents are out in more of the atlanta area, so i am sure they have seen things worse then i have. Even Alex who has to drive that way to work. Schools have been closed, houses underwater. My heart goes out to all those.

But...i also want to poke some fun at some people.
So....you see the interstate is flooded....what do you do? Apparently these people think that there car will automatically turn into a boat. That they can get through.

Seriously....why weren't these roads closed sooner? Avoid the stupidity of some people who are going to attempt it, and avoid the backed up traffic. Now...there is a ton of cars stuck on this road.

Ok, thats my blog for today. For my GA readers, stay safe, remember your car is a car, not a boat. research your route before going out. And lets pray for some relief to come soon with all this rain.