Thursday, January 21, 2010

Time for Bragging!

Its time to brag about my kids! Yes...i don't always complain!

First up is Ethan! I am so amazed by him sometimes. Last night we sat down for reading time. He wanted to read his library book on zebras. He had not read this book yet.  So, we sit down. The book is roughly 20 pages long and about 2 - 3 sentences per page. He read me the whole book with almost no help from me. He was sounding out all the words. Even the word "mountains". He did very good not getting frustrated when he got a word wrong. It was just amazing. The amount of stuff he has learned this year is amazing. He is amazing! I took the time today to write his teacher a thank you note on all the work she has done. He is writing sentences all the time here at home on Brooke's art easle. They grow up too fast!

Brooklynn went to the dentist on Tuesday this week. She was wonderful there!!! Which was great for me. Ethan unfourtantly hates the dentist, has to go to the "quiet room" there. We were fourtunate that when he went 2 weeks ago, he actually had all his teeth cleaned and that was he first time in all his times going. This was Brooke's first teeth cleaning. She let the docotors due xrays of her teeth and the got them all cleaned and was happy. She even did the flouride treatment they start when they are older with the foam cups you hold in your mouth! I was very proud of her. The next appointment in the summer, the dentist wants Ethan to watch Brooke and maybe it will help him. She also suggested not talking to him at all about going to the dentist because it gives him time to get scared and that if we just get there then maybe he will handle it better. She also assured me that eventually a light would go on and Ethan would be fine and not cry anymore. I hope its soon. It hard to hear your child scream and hate what they are doing. But, this was a brag about Brooke, so good job Brooke. We are proud of how brave you are!