Tuesday, January 26, 2010

it seems like this is the year that Ethan can't get a break when it comes to getting sick. Not last week but the week before it was a stomach virus. This week, he has a fever right around 100, a little snot and a cough. So, while he isn't majorly sick today, do i send him to school with their strict policies on the amoun of days a kid can be sick before they send in the troops to evalute our home? I didn't, i kept him home. However, i am now on note 4 that i am aloud to send in, after this it has to be all doctor excuses. Does the school understand though that with our insurance changes i have to pay everything for the visit out of my pocket just to be told it is a viral infection? So, sorry to the school, but your just going to keep getting hand written notes from me.  I am a good judge to my kids when they are sick. Its easy to follow your mother intuition. I know he is fine and will be fine. He just has a slight cold, nothing to rush to the doctor for. Just some time on the couch with movies and video games. fluids and tons of love from mommy and he will be good as new. And tomorrow, if he isn't good as new, then i will think about the doctor.