Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Tonight is the night of all nights :)

Christmas Eve is here. Santa is already on his sleigh visiting the children in other countries and rewarding them for being good this year. We are watching him as always on google earth. You can got to to track and/or download the google earth attatchment to watch him. Ethan has been checking back about ever 5 minutes. He has gotten a real kick out of google earth. it is constantly moving. But, the kids can't see the magic of santa going into the houses. Santa has to keep some secrets. Both kids are very convinced they are getting what they asked santa for. Ethan a iron rocket and Brooke a baby. You never know, Santa might get them mixed up.

Today we will spend the day talking about the magic of Santa, the birth of Jesus, and getting ready for tomorrow. I have of coarse come down with the sickness the kids were passing around. My nose is running, my throat hurts, and my body aches like someone beat me up with a baseball bat. However, as a mommy i don't get to call in sick and take the day off.

Hope everyone has a magical christmas and holidays :) Leaving you with a few funny adult humor comics :)


Libby said...

Those cartoons crack me, esp the mexican food one!!! MERRY CHRISTMAS!! :)
Love ya guys!