Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Hectic week so far

What day is it? Tuesday...that's all????? It feels so much longer!
Friday Ethan started with a cough. Got him home robitussin on saturday and have been treating the cough. This weekend was filled with family and celebrating Brooklynn's birthday. Which i need to post about, have not had time. I kept Ethan home Monday to kinda let him rest. He had a slight fever of like 99.2. He could have gone to school, but i kept him home. He was fine all day. Energy there and so on. I got up this morning to get him ready and he was super warm on the neck. Checked temperature, 100.5. Brooklynn has her 2 yr check up today so i decided to bring him along. He still had all his energy. Doctor checked him for Strep and he is just getting it. So, he has a cold which is where most likely the cough came from since cough and strep dont go together and now he is getting strep. Both kids are getting treated for it. It just feel like it should be thursday!
Brooklynn is 27 pounds and 34 inches tall. Ethan was 33 pounds today. LOL. He is so tiny. Nurse put the thingy on 50 and i laughed at her. I told her to put it there when he was 15.
Brooke had a great birthday. LOVED the doll house we got her. My parents were up saturday and got her a My little pony dollhouse too. she is loving it all. my brother got her some new crayons and coloring book. She has colored most of it. Sunday alex's mom and grandma came up. Brought a train for around our christmas tree. A toddler bed. She is still sleeping in the futon. She tried the toddler bed the first night and when i got up in the morning she had moved tot he futon. LOL. i like that the toddler bed is moble, so when people come they can take Brooke's room and we can put the toddler bed in Ethan's room.
The kids and i made a ginger bread house saturday. will have to post pics. If Ethan ever get up from his now going on 3 hour nap, we are going to make paper chains to decorate the house with. Might be tomorrow when we do it since it is going on 5 now.
Hope this week speeds up. I am ready for chritstmas, minus needing to wrap!


Libby said...

I never realized Ethan was so small! Wes is 40 pounds and 41 inches.....he's going to be a big boy! (not fat- just big!)

WolfeFamily said...

All the men on my side and alex's were short until high school and then shot up to be tall. Probably same thing Ethan is doing. He is getting taller, he is just bones.