Monday, December 1, 2008

Getting into the christmas spirit

I did my online shopping this morning. i waited too long to do it and had to order from all over. a week ago i could have gotten everything off with the free shipping. But, i guess when you wait that is what happens! Up first is Ethan's gift from Santa. He wanted a rocket. I found this online at walmart. Ethan and i watched the video and he thought it was just awesome. He had orginally wanted a cheap one that cost $1. We have bought them before and they tore up quickly. Maybe i should have bought that again, but this one is plastic and i am hoping it works good. especially since it was $32. A little over budget, but oh well. Christmas only comes once a year. And, Alex and i are only buying on christmas and birthdays from now on. or maybe a special occasion since poor brookes birthday and christmas is december. This doll by fisher price is so cute. Brooke picked it out and wanted Santa to get it for her. If you put her hands to her nose or other body parts she tells you the parts! And she sings the ABC's. And for the price of $24, it was hard to pass up. I thought it would have been more for all that it does. For once fisher price was actaully pricing the doll at a good price. Not like there potty doll that they want $60 for! That is crazy. So, i am hoping she will be excited for this. This dollhouse is her birthday present. We kinda skipped a party so we could buy it. It is for a 2 year old. I never buy things for there age, but the next size up doll house seemed like way to much for her. And way to many things to get lost or dragged around my house. This was on walmart forever. it was where i had discovered it. Go figure it was gone. I had to pay more then the walmart price too. I was a little upset. But, Brooke knew what she was getting. We showed it to her several time. And when we asked her she said doll. I am assuming is short for doll house. But, it will be here like the day before her birthday, but that is ok. We are pretty much done, minus my dad and then there cousins blake and jackson. It feels good to be december 1st and pretty much done. Alex and i are going to buy our own gift and then give it to the other to wrap. So, i guess i am still needed to buy my own and he buy his.

Oh well! Hope you have a great week. So far this week is starting out good :)


Libby said...

dolls kind afreak me out. Do you know what I mean, they just stare with that weird expression. That doll house is CUTE!!! Love it!

How did the house showing go?