Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Vacation: Part 1: VA Beach

The kids and I's first part of vacation started with a visit to my mother in laws house. We got to spend a few days relaxing down there before getting ready for our journey to Virginia beach. That was Saturday-Tuesday. Wednesday morning we loaded in the car, a Grammy, Mommy, Nanni, Ethan, Brooklynn, and 2 chihuhuas! Alex was meeting us the next day when he got off work. The drive was roughly 8 hours. Everyone was great in the car. Alex's sister Karen just bought a house at VA beach. So, we all loaded in to her house for a few days to spend with her and to of coarse go to the beach. The beach was beautiful!
Brooklynn loved the sand and didn't really care for the water too much. The few days we were there the water was a little rough. It was full of wave after wave. Ethan was nervous at first but then he loved it of coarse. He loved one of us holding him and letting the waves smack into him. Brooklynn covered herself in sand from head to toe. She even mad sand angels while her body was wet from the water. We enjoyed our visit with the beach and Karen. I wish it could have been longer. We would have loved to stay there and see fire works on the 4th on the beach. That would have been great. Karen's belly is growing too. When we were there she was roughly 25 weeks and had just had some 4D pictures done. He is already a cute little bugger!