Sunday, January 2, 2011

Happy New Year!

Its 2011, can you believe it?! 2010 was an excellent year for us. I don't think we really have too many complaints. Oh wait, I didn't blog as much as I had in the past. However, that's what the new year is for right, to make resolutions. This year I am not really making any resolutions. Just going to try to stay positive and look on the bright side of everything. The only goal I have this year is to take care of the one goal I had last year, and I didn't accomplish it. Yes, I am hanging my head in shame. I didn't get my kids christened. I had a whole year, I know, and it didn't happen. Ugh! So, this year, it is going to happen. In fact, I have shortened it to it has got to be done before July! Ethan is now 6 and Brooklynn is now 4. Geez, when did this happen?! In fact, my nephews are huge now too. Kainan is 14 months! Grayson is almost 11 months.

So, I am not going to write every day. Maybe a few times a week. I can't make too many promises. My book blog still takes up a lot of time. However, I am happy to report it is a success, or at least in my eyes. I get tons of free books on the mail all the time and tons of free e-books to review for my e-reader. I really don't know the last time that I bought a book. I have discovered some great authors that I might never have found otherwise.

Happy New Year to you! Here is to hopefully a year of more family blogging!