Sunday, January 30, 2011

That was an adventure!

My hubby bought a car a few weeks ago. He bought a 1977 Datsun 280z. This has been his joy lately. We have not seen him since he has been so busy at my parents trying to get this thing running so he can get it home. Finally, yesterday was the day. We spent the day at my parents. The car was finally ready. The excitement begins that the car will finally get home. We hope all is well. Time check, 5:45 we are pulling out of the driveway.  Time to hit the interstate and make the journey home. Please note, I want to get home and get changed and go out to dinner.

Speed: 45 mph....blah. Its going to take a little while. We pull off once to check battery since headlights are fairly dim and it is dark out. Back on the road.

We make it off the interstate and are on back roads now. Its dark. I am watching Alex behind me. Crap....where did he go?

Time check: 6:45.

Turn around and find him. In a small church parking lot. Ran out of gas he thinks. So I head home (we are 7 miles from home at this time).  I get gas can, get it filled up. Head back to him.

Time check: 7:30. Ok, all good. Let's go. We pull out and start heading back. I check my review mirror again. Where the heck did he go?

Turn around...He is on the side of road. Battery is now dead.  Pull over, try to charge battery. Nothing happening. Twiddle our thumbs on what to do. Should we attempt to get a little ways or what. Finally, pull out the phone and do a google search for a tow truck company. 

Its about a 30 minute wait for the tow truck. 

9:00 I pull into my driveway with the tow truck right behind me.

We are home and it looks like its corndogs for dinner.