Wednesday, March 23, 2011

One of the major differences in my kids, is how they view and friend other children. Ethan loves everyone. He doesn't see the flaws in people. Honestly, I don't think he realized the different colors in people. He just loves kids and playing with them. He always fits in easy and tries to friend most anyone. Maybe this is him, or maybe its because he is a boy. I don't know. I will often ask him if there is anyone in his class he doesn't like, just to see what he says. He always says he likes everyone except one girl because she always tries to kiss him. That one makes me giggle. ;)  Then we turn to Brooke. She is shy and nervous by other people whether they are adults or children. She really gets a long with children younger then her better and I wonder if its because she doesn't feel intimidated by them. What shocks me the most though, is how judgemental Brooke can be at 4. She often tells me she doesn't play with a certain girl at school because of her clothes. It shocked me the first time she said it. I have sense asked other moms about this and they said their daughters were the same way. Brooklynn takes her time in the mornings getting ready for school. Her hair has to be a certain way, her clothes and so on. Such as this morning she stood in front of the mirror looked at her shirt and skirt, tucked it in and decided it looked better that way. She is going to be one heck of a teenager. Do I have any takers out there who might want her for a few years?  Ethan has just started taking notice of his appearance. He wants to make sure his hair isn't sticking up, and that's about it.

Obviously each child in this world is unique. I love each of mine more then anything. Its just interesting to take a step back sometimes and look at how they deal with life. Hopefully Ethan keeps his happy go lucky view on life and hopefully Brooke isn't one of those snobby teens and we raise her well enough that she likes everyone too, no matter what they wear. :)

Happy Hump Day!