Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Preparing For Puppy

We are getting a puppy! This pretty girl pictured is going to be our new puppy. Currently her name is Cocoa that her foster mom named her. I think we are going to keep this name. The top of her head has a brown patch so I think this will fit her well. We went last week on my birthday to look at the 7 puppies who were needing homes. We had a tough decision but finally felt like she was the right one. I learned the other day that she was born the day before Odie passed away. I thought that was kind of interesting.

So, we have been busy here reading and getting ready for the puppy. I have been reading training articles, how to help the puppy sleep through the night and so on. I am thankful I have had a week to get ready for her. I am borrowing a crate from a friend so she can sleep in there at night for now. I am sleeping as much as I can since as soon as she gets here late Friday, no more sleeping through the night for me. I am hoping she catches on quickly what night means. We shall see. I am really not sure what to expect.

We are excited though and nervous. Hopefully the kitties aren't too mad at us! This little on might be a little more of a bother then Odie ever was to them. :)