Monday, March 14, 2011

And we have a puppy!

Cocoa came home Friday evening. She was very calm that evening since she had just been spayed, and by Saturday morning she was full speed ready to be a puppy again. We have been having a blast with her. It really is like have a baby and one year old combined. She's mobile and into everything, yet she cries alllllll night. I made the mistake on the first night and let her sleep with me since she had just left all her siblings and had been spayed. She cried all night in my bed from pain and missing her siblings. I don't think that night I got a solid hour of sleep. Then she was up at 5:30 because she heard Ethan get up to potty. Saturday was the longest day to get through. We had fun though. Saturday night she was in her crate and cried for almost 2 hours. It was tough. She does really well during her crate training sessions during the day, but hates it at night. She had her first time alone yesterday when I had book club. I think she did ok. She wasn't crying when I returned home. Last night she cried most of the night. It was a tough night. The kids are exhausted. We are hoping this crying period ends soon. I had to move her out of my room last night to get any sleep because she just wouldn't stop. It makes it tough to stay strong and keep her in there, but I know in the long run it will be for the best.

Other then sleep being non existent right now, the kids are loving her. She seems to fit right in and its nice having her here. She gets the kids outside and active. I am outside all the time too. Oh and my living room has stayed toy free since Brooke knows she can't bring her toys out without the puppy chewing on them! Hopefully by next week we will all be less cranky and getting all the sleep we need.....and maybe not! I can definitely see now why people get a puppy before having a kid, it can really get you ready for a baby.

Now since she is passed out on the couch, I need to creep quietly to my room to get dressed and hope she doesn't wake up. Really...its like a 9 month old. Once you leave, they cry from the separation anxiety. Have a great day!