Thursday, February 3, 2011

It Was Dentist Week!

Back to reality. I finished my days of volunteering and functioning too early in the morning. I ended up not volunteering on Tuesday; kids had a 10am dentist appointment. I think the three of us worked well in the morning as far as getting out the door on time. Monday however I forgot my breakfast and left my coffee. So apparently I can survive without morning coffee, however I never want to do it again.

Tuesday was the dentist.The kids did great. They were in adjoining rooms together. I gave Brooke a kiss and said I would see her when she was done. She has always been great at it. She has been doing the "big kid" fluoride treatments with the foam cups in her mouth since she was 2. She gets her x-rays; no problems with her. She just smiles. I went into the next room with Ethan. He hates the dentist. We had one small melt down right before she went to brush/clean his teeth. We were able to talk him down fairly quickly and after that, it went like a breeze. Thankfully he did x-rays last time. He finally did the "big kid" fluoride. He usually still had it painted on and that is where it tasted nasty. He said the big kid cups tasted much better and was easier. So, hopefully in August things will go smoothly. I am just glad he has graduated from the "room" they used to take him in. For those that don't know, Ethan used to have to go into a room in the very back of the building with a closed door. There was then a door at the end of that hallway, and yet another before the waiting room, and yes you could hear him scream while in the waiting room. I would sit there in panic wanting to go to him, but knowing it would make it worse if I went in there. Thankfully, we have finally moved past this.  So, happy to report no cavities. Ethan's teeth are wiggly. No 6 yr molars yet. We can see Brooke's molars in the x-rays already. Ethan has got to stop sucking his thumb by 7 or else he is going to have to have a mouth piece installed. His plate has really moved in the past 6 months.  He is doing better, so we just have to keep doing better.

So, that's been our week. So glad its Thursday. I plan to stay in my PJ's all day and go no where.