Friday, February 27, 2009

Family Pets

One of our kitties has been having blood in her urine. After having several vet visits we have now learned she has a bladderstone. They want to do surgery and it is going to cost $603. Unfourtantly, that is just too much for us. She is going to be 10 this year and really could go down hill anytime. I don't want to put it on credit card b/c its just not a good idea. So i have been researching other things. I found a food that is suppose to help so i am going to call out kittys vet and talk with her about it and see if this is a better option. We want to help her, but that is quite a lot of money.

So, with this, Alex made a good point. Why do animals have to cost so much when it comes to medical things. There is no pet insurance that his work offers. When you go to the vet the charge for so much. Nail clipping, $12! Its kinda rediculous. The vets start this to help animals, but they know how precious they are to us. They are part of your family. So, then suddenly it is like they can charge whatever. The average person does not look around for pet insurance. I know they offer it, but the average pet goes to the vet once a year for shots. To me, it just seems silly. And with that, the vet wants there money up front. Like i can just pull 600 dollars out my back pocket. Odie has cataracs (the dog) and they wanted to fix it. She said $1500 an eye! So it would be $3000. We love our animals a ton and hate seeing them suffer, but seriously, prices could be lower.

Its $40 to get a male cat fixed and over a $100 for a female. Anytime i have our females fixed they are always in heat, or so the vet claims and they charge you for it. Cats go into heat so much when they aren't fixed. I think a cat can have up to 4 litters a year. Thats a ton of kittens a year. We had a cat once who had 7 kittens! They should really make it more affordable if they want to help control the population.

Ok, that is my rant!


Anonymous said...

There is a spay and neuter clinic in athens that is pretty reasonable. I agree 100% about the outrageous costs! My cat needs a dental (very bad dental disease) i cannot afford 250 bucks for that! i can barely afford to get MY teeth cleaned!