Tuesday, February 3, 2009

pics and update

Last saturday we had pictures taken. We have not had them done in way too long. The last pic we have of Brooke is when she was 9 months and Ethan 3. So, thought i would post a few. Things are going pretty good here. Brooklynn is running a fever the last few days. She says her ear hurts so i have been putting in numbing drop. Giving her until tomorrow to feel better before calling in the doctors. She gets little spurts of energy here and there and then crashes for a bit. She is talking up a storm! She loves to say now "All right" and "I do" Its cute. Her little sentences consist of what she wants and then the word me. Such as "Mama, hot chocolate, me" It is so funny. I love that she is beginning to be able to communicate better with us. Even though she is less of a baby that way, things really do get much easier when they start talking to you. Ethan is doing good too. It is so nice hearing from his teachers all the time how he is such a good boy. It really does warm your heart knowing how good your child is being for someone else. He is such a big helper here at home too. I have to get onto him sometimes because he likes to clean up Brooke's mess too. I try to explain he needs to let her so she can learn, but he always just wants it cleaned up. Usually that means they are getting to do something else and he is ready to see what it is. He is also doing wonderful with breaking his thumb sucking habit. We have a coffee can and are putting fake money in it. $1 if he does good all day and 50 cents if he did ok. But he is doing great with it.

We are other then a little sickness all doing great. Alex returned to work today after a mini vacation. It was nice to have him home a few days. We worked on organizing the closets better. I am guilty of wanting the house to look spotless but the closets are a MESS. However, 4 kids has been getting the best of my clean house. I have started to give up. It is impossible i think. The days i don't have them i don't want to clean b/c i am tired! LOL. It probably didn't help in the month of January i read 10 books! 1 so far for February. Guess i need to work on house a little more then reading books.

Well, i need to get off here and get ready. Meeting a friend at Dennys for there free breakfast this morning. I will leave ya with a few more pics though :) Have a great week!


Anonymous said...

i just love the pictures .your family is special. love g ma

RodriguezBunch said...

I love these pics !!