Friday, February 6, 2009

What a week!

I can defiently say TGIF!!!!! This has been a crazy and hectic week. This week i was set to babysit all 5 days. I even got some wine coolers for those rough hectic days i needed to be able to take the edge off before getting to bed. No, no drinking with kids around. Wednesday i had to cancel babysitting. Brooklynn woke up with a 103.7 fever! She was dehydrated and we were of coarse so worried. I had to get her to the doctor and get her taken care of. After returning home, her and i napped on and off until having to pick up Ethan. We then just vegged out and watched TV all afternoon. Thursday i had to rush Alex's cat Tigger to the vet. She had blood in her urine. So, we had to get that taken care of. One more thing happend, but my lips are sealed.

Now after the hectic week, i am defiently ready to go to bed! And now i have a snotty nose, sneezing, coughing, and head filled with congestion. The joys of being a mommy. I took care of the sick kiddos and now i have it. Can my mommy come up and take care of me? My hopes are got a very nice and restful weekend! But, we never know what tomorrow will bring :)